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Found 12 results

  1. If anyone is looking for something new to watch and have HBO Max, you might check out Babylon 5. It was a 1990's era sci-fi TV show that I’d argue was the best sci-fi ever made. Better than Star Trek. I’d say it was more like Lord of the Rings in space (including a lot of nods). Anyway, they remastered it so it doesn’t look quite so old and out of date. It’s a slow burn to start with a lot of universe/character development in season 1 but a great show. And it’s where my name here comes from (in part). Also, if you like sci-fi but haven’t watched the Expanse somehow, tha
  2. David Tennant Christopher Eccleston Peter Capaldi Matt Smith Jodie Whittaker (not because she's a woman, but because she is just so wrong for the role)
  3. In other news... I randomly stubbled onto a youtube channel that's live streaming the GI Joe cartoon from the 80s. Talk about random as fuck haha
  4. A live-action adaptation of Ubisoft’s long-running series Assassin’s Creed is coming to Netflix. The show will be the first of several new series, Netflix announced, as the agreement between the streaming platform and Ubisoft will “tap into the iconic video game’s trove of dynamic stories with global mass appeal for adaptations of live action, animated, and anime series.” The live-action show is still in early stages and in need of a showrunner. It’s also unclear when it will take place or what it will be about; the franchise is known for combining historical settings with modern n
  5. Not sure who else is old enough to remember the 90's animated Animaniacs show. Lots of kids humor with jokes that also went over their heads that appealed to adults. They are getting a new season on Hulu.
  6. Anyone see this series? It's pretty awesome
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