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  1. the answer is that conk is just flat out getting beat
  2. uhmm... conk also knows the cadence... so why is he still getting beat? #Conkscuses
  3. this thread is retarded. 250+ yds 3TDs and 0 INTS.... anyone complaining about that is a complete moron.
  4. zero chance this gets paid whichever way it goes
  5. bengals arent making the playoffs without dalton and green, just go ahead and scratch them off the list
  6. when your qb has nerve injuries already this season you absolutely do your due diligence....
  7. I'm gonna need to see blaine on the bench this week, need the jag killer back in there under center
  8. Rough game but i agree 100% with Oilerman. We are still 6-4 and control our own destiny. If you are jumping ship now then you must not have been around for the 2 and 3 win seasons.... or you are just a pussy
  9. We want him back for week 6. Beating the Colts on Monday night without Luck isn't really beating the Colts at all. Luck needs to be there.