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  1. The Amani Hooker for NB love is unreal. They held this secret weapon back last year when we needed it most!
  2. I even preemptively said i had a bad joke- and i only used it because it was Tez @Soxcat 30 myself
  3. Literally the first time I’ve posted about JROB and it wasn’t in any sort of nutt hugging way. Honestly was more of a critique against you because what you said didn’t make any sense. This regime has been pretty good in the later rounds- i would assume better than its peers if i had to guess of the top of my head. also stupid Joke. Everyone knows I’m eating fish- just like when I’m with your mom
  4. There’s literally zero indicators that Hooker would be considered for the NB role in any scenario other than A few big sets and even in that case he didn’t do it last season. When he was on the field last year he mostly played deep halves or in 3rds while either Vacarro or Byard was down closer in the box. They used Amani a few times in Dime looks to man backs and TEs and he was pretty solid - Right now Amani is likely the 3rd S and there’s 4-5 CBs that would most likely get looks at NB ahead of him (Butler, Adoree, Fulton and JJoe) Hooker looks to have potential to be a pretty good S, and i wouldn’t be surprised if he replaces KV24 sooner than later- as long as we don’t lose out on any physicality or run support. they drafted Fulton for a reason, and he’s way out in front of Hooker for a NB role
  5. I’ll somewhat agree with that- anyone expecting Hooker to play Logan Ryan’s role will be off. Hooker will be our S in 3S looks/packages and can be a big nickel player etc in base i suppose but most likely Fulton replaces Ryan and everything else in the secondary remains pretty much the same
  6. As am I. I’ve watched a lot of Hookers tape and he does well in the box, he does well with TEs and backs. The staff didn’t think he could play vs slot WRs last season when we were down to Brock , Ryan, Simms and Kareem Orr... There’s a reason for that. Again, Hooker will be our replacement for KV24, and probably will offer us better coverage and interchangeability at S when that happens but we aren’t going to consistently ask Hooker out of the blue to just start covering essentially the fastest and shiftiest WRs on the opposing team in some sort of consistent /starter capacity.
  7. How the fuck does he look the most comfortable there- he didn’t play a single snap there last year.
  8. Jesus. Since JROB has been the GM he’s taken 4 DBs 5th round and after(including 2020 draftee C Jackson). 1 of them just played 4 years for us and signed a second contract in Free Agency. One of them is on the team and one of the better STs players in the league (Cruikshank) and the 4th one was Kalan Reed The very last pick in his draft who played a few seasons here and signed with the Seahawks before having to retire after his spinal injury. Your takes per usual never make sense
  9. Jesus. Christ. Amani Hooker is not going to be our NB. Maybe in big nickel , 3 S and Dime looks yes. But he’s not about be asked to go out and cover opposing slot WRs. They didn’t have him do it last year when we were more than injured at the position and they just drafted 2 CBs, and added a 95 year old vet. Hooker is being developed to replace Vaccaro after this upcoming season. He will play sub packages but he will not be our NB.
  10. Wait so you want to trade a late round pick for a guy that was a late round pick, on his second team and has thrown for a career 156 yards? Also that may not make the eagles roster with the addition of Hurts. Ill keep the pick and roll the dice with Woodside and CMoney- Sudfeld is no more proven than either of them
  11. Who does a gender reveal and forgets to reveal the gender
  12. He’s a ST player we added while getting our roster to 90 players for TC and preseason. If he makes the team it’s a ST ace and not as a spell RB. I hope you’re being sarcastic
  13. Ehhh Gladney was my 6th CB based on film Okudah Henderson Arnette Fulton Dantzler(higher w/o speed concerns) Gladney Terrell Wilson also was most definitely not going to be there at our second round pick- the run through the entire draft was OL, specifically OT. the titans chiefs and many other teams showed that its much easier to fill CB - i mean we hid Brock well enough to make it through to the AFC championship game, and he filled in pretty well in coverage. Fulton is an obvious upgrade there and getting into Fulton vs Gladney it comes down to scheme- do you want a pure coverage guy, or do you want another chess piece like Logan Ryan that isn’t going to be the best cover guy on the team but a reliable guy that supports the run, can blitz and is physical etc.
  14. At all, better options and i can’t believe i am going to type these names and of course would depend upon their market values would be Andy Friggin Dalton Joe Flacco Blake Bortles a more likely vet would be Trevor Siemian
  15. Who cares where he played? Some of our better players also played at smaller schools against lesser talent. kevin Byard malcolm Butler Jonnu Smith anthony Firkser nate davis not to mentioned a lot of our depth guys like the Khalif Raymond and Tye Smiths of the team who also come from smaller schools if they can play, they can play.
  16. Im quick, I was a long time lurker here even back to TC. Used to post tons at FootballsFuture under Titans Will Return with Guru - he thought i was Bongo over there because of my grammar...(made the username in 2000 after we lost the SB— i believe i was in like an 8th grade computer class at David Lipscomb Middle School at that time— now named Lipscomb Academy and coached by Trent Dilfer— crazy) im making efforts to post more instead of being a judgy stalker coming to my own conclusions On each of you from afar lol! anyways carry on
  17. Yeah i was letting the author know that we already signed a ST LB’er. He suggested in his post that we needed to sign one. I don’t think he knew we had Dzunbar or whoever you spell it. Cant carry 2 of those guys into the regular season.
  18. Seahawks released Justin Britt and DJ Fluker which will clear about 12 mil in space. Could be working on clearing enough to resign Clowney
  19. I remember hearing Vrabel or JROB mention hosting virtual rookie days here soon. I’m sure they have their iPads and will have assignments they will have to know by certain points each day/week along with a workout schedule and meal plan. Nashville’s phase 1 of back to work/society starts may 4. I’m sure the NFL will allow some of these rookie camps to run later for some field work
  20. Make sure everyone takes in account that our 4th round pick was spent on a franchise QB that alone makes the rest of this draft worth it. Wilson fills an immediate hole at RT and i don’t buy that he won’t start more than 14 games this year (unless forbid an injury) Fulton fills what many considered our biggest weakness with a player that many thought would be gone before our 1st pick. Evans is an immediate returner in K/P and as long as he can pick all blocking schemes and calls up will contribute to this offense regularly- great speed and comes from a similar zone run system. the rest is just bonus but i do think we got some pretty solid niche role guys in Muchison and Jackson. Jackson looks to have Man coverage ability but also run support ability to play the slot corner role - obviously not right away with the 3 guys we have in front of him but he has the makeup to be able to do it after Butler is gone this next offseason. overall not a sexy draft but we aren’t a sexy team- we continued to add scheme fits, high character hard working guys. I’m excited for Byard and MMCNB crew to get their leadership hands on Fulton and Jackson.

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