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  1. Agreed. People acting like he’s great, or even better than Mariota are only choosing to remember the basically one solid season Kaep had in which he still averages less than 200 yard per game and less than 2 TDs per game. Kaeps ability as a player has been severely overrated by his role played as the martyred. Is he better than some backups? Probably I’m sure, is it worth the attention and other drama warranted or not? Probably not for a sub par 32 year old QB that fell off a cliff after the one average season he had as a QB.
  2. Is he better than Mariota though? He ranks below him in every career passing stat other than INT % and we already know how overly conservative Mariota is and scared to pull the trigger. They both are similar, they take a ton of sacks because they struggle processing opposing defenses. They are not much different players except one is going on 32 , been out of the league 3 years already and is a activist. The other is a 25 year old that will also soon fizzle out of the league and won’t be considered a victim or martyr even though he’s produced better statistically than Kaep?
  3. Player A isn’t good, and he’s better than B
  4. Who would you rather have? HINT PLAYER A IS A BACKUP Player A 62 Games 62.9 completion % / 13,183 yards/ 76 TD /44 Int/2.5 INT%/ 7.5 YPA/89.6 QBR/155 Sacks/8.1 sack % Player B 69 Games / 59.8 completion % / 12,271 yards / 72 TD / 30 INT /1.8 INT% / 7.3 YPA / 88.9 QBR / 171 Sacks / 9.2 sack %
  5. He may be talking about Murray’s first free agency trip when he signed at the time one of the more lucrative FA RB contracts to date, which obviously didn’t work out for either party and since then inflation in all contracts especially RB position has risen to new levels.
  6. You defend a guy that is an older version of Mariota. They both had one decent passing season- both struggle reading defenses and processing quickly to pull the trigger- both are highly sacked QBs and neither can play in a conventional professional offense. They have both played around the same amount of games in their careers respectively and it ain’t pretty for either but for one you know all you’re getting is football, for the other there are other things off the field and outside the team that comes along with it and for two backup level players you decide which is easier to sign.
  7. Jake, i see all your takes on here. You’re a simpleton, the only thing I’ve ever seen eye to eye on is Mariota. You would think with your eye of spotting a bad QB like MM, you’d be able to do the same for Kaep.
  8. Sorry can’t hear you, sounds like you still may be choking on Kaep’s nuts
  9. Will this ever die? what goes first? Mariota Deep throaters or social justice activists that never deep dove into Kaeps actual football ability as a passer. They’re similar players that both took head first decline dives off a cliff and never recovered. Kaep has become a martyr, where as Mariota will just be considered another bust.
  10. You are blinded. Tyrod Taylor is terrible. He threw for like 16 fucking yards in a playoff game vs JAX. He’s a shit QB that’s what’s wrong with him. He and Mariota are on the same tier of play, and neither are good. Rather find a Nick mullens, Kyle allen type and that’s sad for Mariota to have reached that level but it is what it is. Please remove your Hawaiian shades and shirt and accept the fact that 8 is done in Nashville.
  11. Can’t make this shit up 😂😂
  12. As a QB, where the demand is much higher than the supply, if your original team doesn’t resign you in a contract year where you were fully healthy then you are a bust. Stop overrating and living off emotion of what he WAS. Mariota is Tyrod Taylor as a player and for comparison sake for titans fans, he’s VY2.0- A guy that made some polarizing plays early, gave fans hope for a bright future but never elevated and adapted when defenses did just that to him. There isn’t a conspiracy theory against this, like the titans sabotaging Mariota- No it’s simple good QBs elevate teams entirely . Mariota has been holding the passing game and entire offense back for 3 years now. The titans will draft a QB to groom behind Tannehill- they will not resign Mariota, quit it with the Mariota agenda. It’s a shit idea and won’t happen.
  13. You can’t count that as money the rams are paying him, because the Jags signed him to a bad contract and are having to pay dead money...
  14. That experience over the last 5 years has told us all what we need to know. It’s time to move in a different direction- regardless of where he sits on the depth chart it’s time for Mariota to no longer be apart of the titans franchise. For any historians out there i would love to know if there’s ever been a labeled “bust” for a franchise ever resigned after his rookie deal expired to a team friendly back up role contract? im guessing the answer is that it’s never happened
  15. I don’t think either party feels the way you do. I know i don’t.
  16. Did you divorce your wife and then keep her around in your house for a few years after while you pranced in and out with new shinier women?
  17. Can you go back to GoTitans? They are more your style.
  18. You think Jamies is better than Tannehill?
  19. Can’t believe i flew to Charlotte for this catastrophe
  20. Jesus Christ QBs make coaches. No we’d be stuck in the freaking mud running similar formations as we’ve seen with the other 5 OCs because we have a QB who holds onto the ball to long, won’t throw with anticipation or accurately enough. Can good Coaches and coordinators escalate a specific player? YES., BUT that’s not Mariota... that’s Mahomes, Wentz etc. mariota appears to be a Tyrod Taylor clone- and Trubisky is right there’s with both of them.