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  1. I imagine that we will sign a CB before Wednesday.
  2. its like Kalan Reed, the titans coaches just don’t want to unleash the secret nickel weapon, not until they are down to their last option!
  3. Most of it wasn’t in this current thread. There was so much pounding the table for Hooker as a replacement in the FA thread. It was never an option imo.
  4. I’ve never been in such a deep argument with someone that overall agrees with the same position i take. Thanks for that! as you and I both have stated Throughout this thread- Hooker is the future replacement for KV24 and can play the 3rd S role and some big nickel for us right now. He’s not some superstar nickel buried on our roster- that would be along the lines of Sharif Finch, DeAndre Walker, Kalen Reed, Michael Preston board love
  5. That is the exact point... most on this thread kept saying Hooker was going to be the nickel, it was obvious that was never the case unless it was a big nickel package.
  6. You have no idea what you’re even arguing. I quoted someone that was calling me an idiot because i said all offseason that Hooker would not be our nickel. Which last night proves that. What better time would there have been for him to play it with us being down to 2 rookies and 76 year old Joseph. all i did was quote one of the pro Hooker being the nickel thumpers and boast in my Victor— you are replying to me about shit that i didn’t even discuss
  7. Exactly what I’ve been saying this whole thread. Go back and read
  8. Down to Fulton, Joseph, Chris Jackson all stars aligning for the titans needing help at Nickel last night and your boy Armani played 11 snaps.. 24 less than rookie 7th rounder Chris Jackson, who played the nickel all night.
  9. You must also be forgetting the 10 points that Gostkowski left hanging through 3 Qs...
  10. Calm down, it’s the first drive of the season... with no live offseason action. It will be fine
  11. The Texans opening 4 games are brutal, absolute great news for us. I’ve never cheered for the ravens- but ill be hoping they put it to the Texans next week too.. same for the following week vs Steelers.
  12. I stopped at Arrrfur Smiff

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