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  1. Hockenson is not going to revolutionize our run or pass game.
  2. Winovich is a top 60 player, saying he’s a 4th round ST’er doesn’t make sense to me. Ultra productive player, high effort, good athlete. Very good 40 and other speed/agility drills. Tape is good vs run and as a pass rusher. Good hand usage. Can turn speed into power punches to fold back OL into pocket. Has more than just one move. Well yes he’s “only” 6ft3 he’s the same size and basically the same arm length as Frank Clark, Von Miller, Dee Ford and Khalil Mack. Any player in any draft could go to flop but Winovich checks a lot of boxes as a high effort, highly productive, good athlete at the position. I don’t see why he wouldn’t translate.
  3. Fant will most likely have the more prolific NFL Career than the other TEs in this class. Still don’t see Titans taking a TE before round 3/4. We have immediate needs at DL,EDGE,OL,CB and WR... Selecting a TE is a luxury that I’m not sure the titans are talented enough elsewhere to make.
  4. I still think we are taking Tillery. That’s been my gut feeling and I’ve posted it a few times over the past month or 2. I just have a feeling with the way the draft will fall Jerry Tillery will be the pick.
  5. I’ve seen sum good jokes here, that was one of the poorer efforts. But what do you expect from a guy with the handle JMoney420? See ya around sum time!
  6. Although Tez creating a thousand different threads for his Mock- I agree here with you TK. Jennings has been one of my favorites to watch throughout last years CFB season and through all the process this offseason. I’ve had my eye on him for the 4th round for quite some time. He really didn’t have any snaps at outside WR though but he made a ton of big time catches from the slot. He has prototypical speed/weight/height for the position and he may even have a little derrick mason in him (with better size) I like his route running for the most part and he already understands how to use stems and spacing to set defenders up.
  7. Jesus was just thinking the same thing. This thing could get to 200 pages quick if this keeps getting quoted
  8. Can’t wait for Vince Young to announce this Honor Sta Armour
  9. OVER-RATED they both were/are coming out
  10. What’s going to happen when Hock is on the board and we pass on him? Will Titania explode
  11. I think Jerry Tillery is a very very real possibility at 19
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