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  1. What in the fuck is going on with Nate Davis
  2. Have you tried dhgate.com you can get personalized or player stitched jerseys for like $20. Now some may have blemishes or not best quality but you can order 4-5 and bound to get a good one.
  3. Where the fuck do you live- why not just order something now and get it delivered where you live
  4. I watched Roberson all night. Sadly came away unimpressed. Was hoping he would be a steal, but he didn’t have a good showing game 1. Maybe he will make some jumps along the way this preseason, but seems destined for PS right now
  5. No doubt, they only combined for 2 total sacks as well. I never said that the group wasn’t improved, i said from the outside it could still be perceived as an unproven group leaving a lot to be desired. Let us not forget both players we are hoping make that jump were also in the same rotation of players that put up putrid numbers. Landry by all accounts looks primed to be a real threat off the edge l- just hoping he makes that year 2 jump we greatly need him to make.
  6. From the inside yes, it’s a better group- from the outside those 2 guys you mention only accumulated 6 combined sacks and that 37 year old Wake coming off his worst sack number me since his rookie season. Again im with you it feels like we are ready to have year 2 jumps with some explosive players but from the outside we have an aging vet in Wake and 2 unproven guys that had low sack #s last season. I sure do have a ton of hope for Landry myself.
  7. The OLB group still leaves a lot to be desired, Which could easily be answered if Landry and Finch step up in their second years and becoming household names. From an outsider perspective though we have a 37 year old and 2 sophomores that didn’t put up even average sack numbers a year ago
  8. This site was the first site that leaked the news how do we get that out to the pros?
  9. indeed- i expect constant kneeling (not like Kaep) and praise from here on out!
  10. https://mobile.twitter.com/TaylorLewan77/status/1154088287637770243?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
  11. I hear there may be a possible 4 game PED suspension looming. If true, could be a big blow to start the season. Update:
  12. All those guys working out with Jeremy Holt. Awesome stuff. One of my best friends growing up - lots of good days in our teen years bicycle crew from Paragon Mills to Nippers Corner basically (when it was safe to do that as a child in Nashville) He was a great player himself. Crushed it at Lipscomb on both sides of the ball in HS then had a solid career at Harding University. He’s a good follow on IG too- you get to see a lot of videos with Titans and other NFL players working out year round.
  13. Mariota was about 7,000xs the prospect coming out.
  14. Gross. Everything on the move, nothing appears to translate -some bad pocket decisions, some spotty inaccuracies. Don’t see an improvement from 8. this highlight features #13 more than it does Mond.
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