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  1. The 3 free agents I’m leaning towards right now are: 1.)Preston Smith OLB-Redskins: i think he fits the orakpo role well with more upside as a pass rusher than Orakpo was bringing to us this late in his career. 2.) Roger Saffold OG,Rams- He plays LG and while he is already 31 and not a 10 year solution he could come in and give us relief for 2-3 years while we work on developing more players from this and next draft that don’t have to be round 1 prospects. 3.) Randall Cobb WR,Packers- I don’t think Cobb signs a big break the bank contract anywhere coming off a few unhealthy and down seasons (one was without Rodgers) At only 28 i still think cobb has juice and could be great for our WR room. He’s from east TN and is a high character player who can play outside and in the slot. He also has had return duties in the past. I think he would be a solid teammate to add to the mix here. Would still look to the draft in rounds 1-3 to find another big body to add to the mix if we signed Cobb. Keelan Doss and DeMarkus Loge make sense in the second /third rounds.
  2. Love the effort, a lot of solid fits. Not sure on using any capital (albeit cheap) to resign well liked Compton- really can’t remember him making any impact on STs and he was definitely the weakest link of our D when he played meaningful snaps early before Evans took over his playtime. I suspect we will draft an ILB higher than most expect. A guy that will be in the wings to take over for aging Woodyard long term and be the 3rd backer long term that rotstes with Jayon and Evans. I also suspect that Evans will play outside more on passing situations and that said draft prospect will have the opportunity to play more meaningful snaps due to that. i have been in love with Terrel Hanks NM State as a prospect for about 3 months- i think he has the ability to offset Evans and he also can play inside and outside. Would give us a ton of versatility and flexibility in our looks and help us be that much more multiple in our base schemes. Another guy that can get after the passer and has legit sideline to sideline speed.
  3. I mentioned the same thing about 4 weeks ago. Titans written all over him. I’m thinking round 4
  4. Oh shoot forgot he was so amazing. 20 solo tackles, 1.5 sacks. Finch is who he is- if he’s starting for the Titans next season we are in trouble. So again I’ll state he will most likely be our 4-5th edge player again this season- the same as last.
  5. Finch is one of the most replaceable players on this roster. If we add 2-3 Edge guys which we all expect, Finch will be in the same position he was last off season fighting for a final spot as a bubble player. Most likely makes it as the 4-5th Edge player. we all love to wayyyy overhype late round and undeafted players here like we invested the farm on them. Finch played well for an undrafted rookie , sure- but he’s not some rare diamond starter found or franchise escalating player- you all live for Rudy and Disney stories.
  6. Finch is a 4th guy. Potential to be a 3, no he is not a starter. He needs to get a lot better, a lot stronger before this thread ever happens again.
  7. Very similar to my mock, as far as position and free agency goes. A lot of effort put into this, good work.
  8. You don’t have to challenge me. Go back and read this thread. I’m alresdy doing a deep dive on all games. 3 games through already. Mayfield was a more polished passer and made many more NFL level play calls and throws. Through 3 games Murray has made triple the amount of passss under 3 yards, at the LOS or behind it than he has downfield. When he does throw downfield the majority of time these guys are running WIDE OPEN. A lot of things that don’t correlate to the next level other than his size— this isn’t to say he won’t be a good NFL QB, he just doesn’t have the sample size to be a shoe in. Its a weak class and he will get overdrafted- teams would take Winston and Mariota over Murray if all in the same draft.
  9. Absolutely not a better passer than Mayfield. That premise is wrong. Mayfield was making back shoulder throws, cross field out routes, progression throws. Murray has made some of each, yes, but no where near the consistency or volume that Baker did. I think the OU WRs probably all average over 10 yards + YAC per catch this season with all the crossers, swing passes and behind the LOS screen game they run.
  10. Tape 3 v UCLA more promise from the NFL transition aspect. More velocity in throws, more throws down the field, more multiple progressions. Still all from Shotgun, still a ton of RPO. A ton of gimicky throws that don’t translate to consistent successes at the next level. Brown is a special talent when it comes to speed when he has the ball in his hand. CeeDee Lamb probably would be the first WR selected in this upcoming draft as well. You don’t see the same throws Baker made- not a ton of tight window or back shoulder throws. These guys are mostly running wide open and that just doesn’t happen that consistently at the next level. Murray is a special athlete but there are huge question marks surrounding his game as a passer. going to keep watching hoping for more NfL level throws, his talent running the ball is amazing but not sustainable as an NFL QB, definitely has had a few jaw dropping leave me in awe type plays in the first 3 tapes but you really have to question if those type of plays can even happen at the next level or if this will just be a midget behind the LOS taking a beating in the pocket
  11. Tape 2 down. Iowa St game. Again very few NFL play calls- every pass out of shotgun, almost 100% of passes included RPO and a moving pocket. Touchdown passes Mostly passes at LOS or behind. Again relying on elite athletic playmakers vs inferior talented defenders. Hollywood Brown May be faster than tyreke hill with the ball in his hands, those 2 guys can roll. Some good things in the pocket like stepping up at times, some bad : leaving too early or throwing off balance, not set leading to some late or off target throws. Will continue watching more game tape to try and find more NFL correlation.
  12. Just watched his taps vs Texas— only attempted 1-2 downfield throws from the pocket. Will be watching more film today but everything else was at or behind the LOS. He has elite weapons in Lamb and Brown with absolutely zero pressure in his face. Sure there are many more worrisome traits other than his size.
  13. Orakpo is listing his Cool Springs home. Orakpo says he was told he wouldn’t be resigned this off-season. Obviously things change and a possible playoff run could energize the situation, but as we have all speculated Orakpo is closing in on his final downs as a Titan.
  14. 31 other GMs didn’t take Kittle- Butler and Bouye were different off seasons ...
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