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  1. The sacks and pressures for the majority also are coming from the 2 games where we had a lead and were playing terrible OLs littered with backups vs Cleveland and Atlanta. but I do agree, the defense is not the issue
  2. Denver favored ? Titans lock of the week.
  3. I like how loyal Rass is. Must be His brother. Or Grassu himself.
  4. Probably true- but i also don’t like his 44% completion rate and 5.5 YP vs Stanford this weekend. Every time I’ve watched him he’s seemed to struggle- definitely doesn’t appear to be even on Mariotas level as a prospect.
  5. Daniel Jones was a 3 year starter. Trivially and Haskins were 1 year starter guys and you can see why. Eason ran away from Fromm, not sure he’s someone I want. I haven’t jumped in watching film yet but the list seems to be Tua Herbert Fromm Burrow Love Hurts Eason
  6. Im typically not in the Madden stylistic signings of every known name that becomes available like some others here, but I will say I’d kick the tires on Jay Ajayi. It’s been a year since the ACL he should be healthy now and he’s a good fall back contingency plan for later this season especially if something were to happen to either Henry or Lewis.
  7. This leaves us down to 2 RBs on the roster, with 11 OL I imagine we will be cutting Grassu and adding Dawkins or a street free agent at RB in the coming days.
  8. I like the reverse psychology. Keep it up
  9. The tickets were already purchased in April and we bought them for about 225 a piece. I’m sure at this point and being last minute they’d resale for less. Just how it goes. Yeah the 2 that bailed weren’t close friends and sketchy the whole time. Figured it would happen but we usually go to a few away games a year and do Atleast one big group away game every year. It’s been KC Frozen FG win, Pittsburgh Thursday night game, Dallas MNF the last few years as the big group games.
  10. We bought 10 tickets back in April when tickets were released. 2 people just backed out because how the last 2 weeks went so we have 2 open tickets now section 123 row 8. if any of you are going - what area of town are you in and where you tailgating Sunday? We are at the Westin Saturday night and doing dinner/drinks at the Tavern at Phipps for sure.
  11. Other than typical madden mocks at this point, i started watching a lot of Fromm games to scout him. Every single pass is behind the LOS, a screen or some sort of short man pick route crosser. None of that translates and it’s basically what we are all complaining about with Mariota. There’s no vertical progressions or attempts. At one point last night vs Notre Dame Fromm was 6/7 for 16 yards and a 2.2 YPA. HELL NO
  12. You can do this with every GM... Butler has been a top CB since week 7 last year. Give him some time to acclimate to the Pees system. its hard to judge any offensive player based on low volume passing. Lewis, Davis etc. Kline was a waiver wire pickup a week before the season and ended up starting for a couple seasons hard to complain about that pickup— could we have had a better player st RG yes, but picking Kline up for peanuts was a solid GM move
  13. Mullins is not proven, also plays in the most QB friendly system. Stafford would intrigue most of us due to his big arm and volume stats. Eerily similar to Kerry Collins when we had him. Winding down career, not much wins associated with his career- but can be a short term fill to help us get to and win in the playoffs.
  14. You tell that friend of yours to shut his fucking mouth
  15. I’m pounding the table for Yetur Gross-Matos pass rusher from penn state. Alton robinson looks legit too.