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  1. Which brings me back to my original post. Why in the fuck would we resign him. We wont. He will fizzle out of the NFL.
  2. Kyle switched him to RT in madden and his overall rating went up so the switch must be made on Sundays.
  3. Pamphile was inactive because he wasn’t better than the UDFA G we had above him, can’t play C and isn’t really the option you won’t at T either. Even when Pamphile was healthy and others got hurt he wasn’t active. He’s.not.good. Doesn’t need to be resigned
  4. How would he give better pass pro? Saffold is a dominant run blocker and has struggled in pass pro from the inside— now you want to move him outside and put him in more island one on one pass blocking situations?
  5. Why the hell would you resign Pamphile? He was active in zero games
  6. @OILERMAN will be escorting him to the airport
  7. @tgo your turn to tell us our options
  8. My point wasn’t that you don’t try, the point is that we need more than 1 Edge player if it is Judon you sign. We also need a pass rusher that can get to the QB from the interior/DL- that’s not Simmons game and Casey is a shell.
  9. Kyle is the real winner here- his 49ers get a chance to win i all in 2 weeks
  10. Sadly Judon isn’t on the level of either Smith last season. He’s a definite upgrade here, but not the answer to our problems.
  11. Didn’t mean to post from that account nor did I know that i created it with a spelling error years ago lol.
  12. On the mobile view, i would add the ability to change pages next last or select a page at the top of the thread as well. Not a huge deal, but i find myself having to scroll all the way down multiple times to change pages
  13. Landry 3 sacks?! Hell Roberson will have 6 and they’ll sign back Finch and he’ll get 4– De’Andre Walker miraculously comes off the IR due to a created rule overnight to benefit the titans almighty pass rush and comes in with 12 sacks himself
  14. You also thought Sharif Finch was a bonafide starter. Counting on Walker (who they IR’d before the season started ) would be a moronic move by the front office. Having De’Andre Walker on this roster should mean nothing to what we do to address the position this off-season, and if he ends up surprising us than lucky us, otherwise expect another Josh carraway /Aaron wallace, Rennie curran,Jacob ford and every other late round LB that we have drafted not named Jayon Brown.
  15. I was there - last ever regular season home game at the RCA dome.

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