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  1. Where in Bellevue? I just moved from Nations area out to Exit 192 for a more suburbia 🏘 life
  2. He said isn’t an obvious passing situation
  3. How is Delanie not a good teammate or leader ?
  4. Looks like first group oline was pamphile and Kelly on the right side. first group ILBs were Evans and Jayon brown also saw an offensive set of Davis Brown Humphries Walker with dion Lewis as the pass catching back.
  5. https://mobile.twitter.com/allanbell247/status/1130913779825487875?s=12
  6. Sounds like another Taylor Thompson failure coming right up
  7. What data? I’ve only seen your suggestions and opinions. I have not seen any data presented.
  8. I don’t see Sharpe making it as the 5th WR with no STs value and a 2 million dollar price tag. Ratliff Williams seems like a possibility if he can come in and make an impact on STs. Doubt Flu and Barnes make it, seems like it would be one or the other. Same for Bullough vs Long at ILB- i know we kept 5 but Bates was strictly a ST roster spot like Trawick, a major weakness when injuries forced him in the lineup. I think that’s why we took Long. I would hope with the 3 extra spots that would open up we could attack DL, Edge and maybe even a better interior swing player after June 1 cuts.
  9. Hasselbeck only started a full 16 games 4 times in his 11 years as a starter. I don’t think you can truly say mobile QBs get injured more than Pocket passers. Typically injuries come from within the pocket- I also think all of Mariota injuries have been from within the pocket.
  10. 8 Alabama players and seems like the rest of the draft is made of Florida Georgia and Oklahoma. Also the author said Herbert is a better athlete than Mariota, not at all....
  11. 5ft9 and 169. Terribly undersized. Maybe a Nickel Roby type
  12. I think 3 UDFA potentially can make the active roster. WR/Returner Anthony Ratcliff Williams Edge rusher Derrick Roberson RB Alex Barnes Hamp Cheevers and Adonis Davis are headed to PS for a developmental year as well.
  13. We had 6 miracles last year
  14. Didn’t watch many Patriots games- but per PFF he graded out well as a run defender. I mentioned him more due to his age and expected contract vs a much better player like Suh. Shelton has to be better than Kilgo? i expect some veteran cuts before June 1-I do expect us to make a signing here to upgrade Kilgo unless he has just dramatically improved heading into this season
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