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I participated in my first auction draft last night. It's a 10 team, 2 QB league with people I distantly e-know.


Halfway through the draft, one of the guys who had a bunch of money noticed I had no QBs yet and he announced he wouldn't let me get one.


He didn't lie. This guy now has 8 QBs and I'm starting Mariota and Eason, while praying Wentz remains unhealthy.


He said he did it to force a trade. I mean, kudos to him?' I'll be damned, double damned, mother fucking extra-triple-super-damned if I trade ANYTHING for one of his QBs. He can burn in hell and we'll both suffer.

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1 hour ago, abenjami said:

I mean, maybe you should have grabbed at least one real starting QB after he took 5 or 6.  LOL


Your season is done.


He outbid me on every single one. EVEN FUCKING TAYSOM HILL.

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5 hours ago, Jamalisms said:


He outbid me on every single one. EVEN FUCKING TAYSOM HILL.


Kinda seems like you should have bid more.  OR did you blow your entire wad way before QB's starting going?

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Not my entire wad but enough that he could outbid me 8 times. For all 6 left.


I should have bought some earlier, as they went for cheap enough ... but at the point he made the decision, it was completely out of my hands.

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My two trades netted out as giving up $88 worth of players for $80 worth of players ... one of which is mystery-injured (Ekeler) when I traded for him and another (Trey Lance) who got hurt and lowered his chances of taking over as starter. Given my position over the barrel, I guess that's not entirely terrible at face value.






-Christian McCaffrey


-James Robinson


+Austin Ekeler


+Kareem Hunt




-Cooper Kupp


+Davante Adams




+Sam Darnold


+Tua Tagovailoa


+Trey Lance




Big sad but at least my starters are filled with real players.

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