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  1. Very valid point! Probably same for Saffold as well this week. Which is why Q is probably the most likely option for this week.
  2. This is true. They could totally be such a wild card going into the draft. Maybe they expend a ton of resources to move up in the draft or another potential option could be trading picks to Dallas for Dak. Dallas is in a weird position where they could be in position to draft a top tier QB and continue to rebuild that defense. Saving all that salary with a rookie QB with some elite weapons (Lamb/Cooper/Zeke) could be a better long term decision. Colts could be the one to benefit from that by giving up two late first round picks. I will add they are going to need to start paying some of their defensive players here the next few seasons as well.
  3. Thanks for pulling that back up. Clearly the staff really liked something in him to actually have him make the original 53-man roster and in the process has become the main Interior OL back up. An off-season of prep, meal plan, and strength program and he will really be able to compete next year. I think he is the future starter at LG or C when Saffold/Jones are done.
  4. Even Titans hater Schwartz giving out kudos to the OL
  5. I think Cordy Glenn is still out there but idk if he is any better than any of the in-house candidates now.
  6. Brewer played really well and has potential. He was just undersized coming out of college. I think he is likely a future starter at LG or C when we move on from Saffold and/or Jones in a couple of years.
  7. Good to see Compton and Evans play well. That being said, Colts will put them in space a lot more next week.
  8. That is true. Maybe Byard, I can’t remember if he restructured already or not. May have just been Lewan. I guess the silver lining is nearly every team in the NFL will have to make tough decisions to get under the cap this year if it is at that projected number of $175 Million.
  9. Biggest guess is you see a lot of Vaccaro on him this week.
  10. Thank you! Yeah obviously it Jackson is good to go then you have him play a majority of the snaps, but the first couple of weeks make sure he gets his feet under him and limit the amount of snaps and chances for re-injury. We need him for the playoffs.
  11. Don’t believe so. He also had several good blocks for Henry. He’s not going to be a guy you want at LT if you are a straight drop back team but I think he can hold up with a successful run game. The LT has some interesting matchups the next 3 weeks (Houston/Turay/Autry vs Indy, Garrett/Vernon vs Cle, and Watt vs Hou) so making sure you have a TE and RB chipping will be important.
  12. The OL shuffle could be interesting here. You would have to reshuffle Kelly or Saffold out there because then you are affecting two or more spots on the OL but they do have options. Quessenberry looked decent yesterday and don’t even remember him giving up a pressure once he got in. The rookie Brewer looked really good at LG yesterday and he does have some OT experience as well. That will give them an option of potentially moving Saffold out to OT or giving Brewer a shot at it. Lastly, they could finally making the swap of Kelly to LT and put Wilson in at RT. This week will be very interesting. Options assuming Saffold is ready to come back: Option 1: Quessenberry / Saffold / Jones / Davis / Kelly Option 2: Kelly / Saffold / Jones / Davis / Wilson Option 3: Saffold / Brewer / Jones / Davis / Kelly Option 4: Brewer / Saffold / Jones / Davis / Kelly I would guess they go with Option 1 to start with and if Q can’t hold up we finally see Wilson.
  13. Very true. I think those two are the most likely to stick as they play at positions where we really don’t have anyone else behind them. As of now Butler, Vaccaro, Kelly would be the possible vet cuts and I think they would move some money around from the Henry/Tannehill contracts.
  14. No I understand that but with the way injuries have occurred, if they were to lose Landry it would be the final death sentence for this defense. You would think sharing the snaps more would = a fresher edge rusher and most likely results in a lesser chance of injury. Now it was Skipper’s first game vs a tough team to defend so clearly they trusted Landry/Roberson since a lot of the rushes were mush and not full bore rushes.
  15. Borders play has essentially made the outside CB play issues go away. Big props to him developing through the season and building one game on top of another to the point now where we really don’t even have to worry about him. The bigger concerns are in the middle of the field and work vs TEs/RBs especially with Brown now out for the season. As of now I think when (if) Adoree comes back, you use him as more of a matchup weapon. Leave Butler and Borders outside as they have been playing well. Later in the game today they used King vs. the Ravens TE and I could see them doing more of that as well. They could also do something similar with Fulton as well.
  16. Landry played essentially every defensive snap again. Simmons also played on nearly 90% of the defensive plays as well. Tuzar Skipper played only 1 defensive snap so the OLB depth and play needs to be evaluated moving forward. Thankfully Landry is holding up, but you gotta think he Roberson were gassed at times yesterday. Was not stoked to see Kalu out there but hopefully that is just a 1 game scenario for now and Vaccaro is back next week vs. the Colts.
  17. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the work of Brewer and Quessenberry when he came in. I would think that Q will get the start if Sambrailo can’t go, but also think they have to potentially look at a change at LT soon. Sambrailo was getting worked all game.

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