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  1. I thought it was a nice story. Thank you for sharing. Condolences to your Sister-in-Law and her family.
  2. I was a big supporter of Mett when he played for the Titans and I am happy to see him doing well for Memphis. I was one of the people saying that "just given the chance" he could be our quarterback of the future. Unfortunately, he received plenty of opportunities and did not deliver. He displayed horrible judgement on numerous occasions (usually at the most critical juncture of a game) which generally resulted in game clinching turnovers for the opposing team. Again, I am glad to see him play well. If he truly has improved, I too wouldn't mind the Titans giving him another chance.
  3. For libel? I'm no attorney, but I'm pretty sure they have a fair amount of case law on that already.
  4. They may want to allow the Representatives to serve a little longer than 3 terms since their terms are just for two years? I could see a five or even six term limit for Representatives (six would make the limit, in years, equal to what's proposed for Senators)?
  5. On the kickoffs I would say just give the kicking team the option to kick it or give it the opponent on their own 25 (or even on their own 20). That way, almost always the teams will choose not to kick, but the option is still there if they need an onside kick.
  6. What if no one bites on the trade? Can the Eagles still release him or are they on the hook for the franchise tag season?
  7. I agree completely with the article. I have wondered to friends and family over the weekend just how he can be considered a good negotiator? Apparently he thinks Pelosi and Schumer will agree to publicly eat shit, as he mocks them, while giving them very little in return. Newsflash: they may be better at this game than him.
  8. Regardless of his experience with other aspects of the job, if he hits big on a couple of drafts teams will lining up to hire Mel Kiper and Todd McShay.
  9. I am no Hue Jackson fan, but the Browns fired him. Is he supposed to turn down a job with the Bengals because they are in the same division as the team who recently terminated him?
  10. I wish I had, had the idea! Trump's supporters will see these as collectibles and won't blink at the $40 price.
  11. I remember Garappolo coming in for Brady in 2014 when the Chiefs were blowing them out on MNF. I am not sure if it has happened since?
  12. I like Beto. people are saying "If he can't beat, Cruz, he can't win the presidency?" But it reminds me of Lincoln/Douglas. The more prominent incumbent (Douglas) won the Illinois senatorial contest in 1858, but Lincoln got his name out there and won the presidency two years later.
  13. The whole situation makes the Colts defense a good play in all fantasy and daily fantasy formats this week.
  14. I think the numerous injuries have garnered Mariota a pass. If a player is believed to be playing at less than 100% then people are less likely to pile on with criticism.
  15. Dez would be better than anyone we could trade for (and have to give up draft capital for). He might have something to prove...
  16. Mike Huckabee followed with this gem: Huckabee is currently being ripped to shreds on Twitter by Swifties and and others with basic decency. I read through about 40 of the responses and only one of them appears to be on Huckabee's side.
  17. In JRob we trust, but we should have re-signed Williamson and used that first round draft pick on a different position.
  18. I am guessing the Colts don't have one of these analytics guys?
  19. This is all fake news. It's not exactly Woodward and Bernstein digging up stuff in Washington these days.... Oh wait?!?!
  20. I remember reading a Commercial Appeal article at the time which emphasized that market constraints would dictate that having a team in Nashville would mean that Memphis would NEVER be the location of an NFL franchise. It also went so far as to accuse Bud Adams of blocking the awarding of what became the Jaguars franchise to Memphis because he already had designs on Nashville and the limited Tennessee market. After all the years Memphis spent pursuing a team, the anger and disappointment was understandable.
  21. If voters were required to purchase a special voting uniform in order to vote, then the comparison might be apt.
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