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  1. I wonder if we will be able to opt out of this payroll tax holiday? I would prefer to pay as I go, than be forced to cough up the entire amount in January. It kind of feels like a scheme to hold voters hostage. "If you vote for me and I win, you won't have to reimburse the taxes owed from your tax holiday. If I lose, you will owe a huge tax bill in January!"
  2. I read somewhere that the ballots were distributed early in the season and the players had until the last week of the regular season to turn them in. This pretty much explains why Russell Wilson and Lamar Jackson are ranked ahead of Mahomes. Also, if the ballots would have been collected after the playoffs Henry would have likely been ranked even higher, given those three consecutive games with 180+ rushing yards.
  3. Trump's hero, Andrew Jackson, defied the Supreme Court and enforced the Indian Removal Act even after the Supreme Court threw it out. I could see Trump openly defying the order to release his tax returns, while citing Andrew Jackson as his inspiration.
  4. My biggest complaint on the HOF is the lack of special teamers. I know the apparent general consensus has always been that these guys are a bunch of wimps who don't play every down and the hall should be reserved for the tough guys who play every down. But the fact remains that special teams are integral to game play in the NFL and there are a lot of NFL legends who performed in these roles as well as any other player at their position who deserve the recognition. They've selected Ray Guy and Morten Andersen in recent years but I still think more should be done. The STers didn't even get any love in this year's 20 person class. A few of these guys I would put in are: Steve Tasker, Gary Anderson, Reggie Robey, Devin Hester, and Shane Lechler.
  5. Statistically Mason has HOF numbers, but with wide receivers it has become about which other receivers are perceived "ahead" of you on the list and who else retires in the meantime. With Bruce getting in this year, it would be probably be difficult to find more than a few receivers which have more career receptions than Mason. One player ahead of him in that regard is Hines Ward. Ward also has a couple of Super Bowl rings and played his entire career for one of the most influential franchises in the NFL. Until Ward (and maybe a few others) gets in, I don't believe Mason will be seriously considered. And I have never even thought Ward was HOF material. Torry Holt and Reggie Wayne are probably also "ahead" of Mason.
  6. wtenn

    Virus in US

    This is the dumbest, most dangerous idea that the POS has ever had. The disinfectant suggestion pales in comparison. I'm not really sure why this hasn't picked up much steam from the media, yet? I hope my Governor (Lee) has a little bit of a mind of his own and a spine, but I can't say I am optimistic. Regardless, my children will not be participating in such a dangerous farce if it comes to that.
  7. People want to act like the Electoral College is a fair way to protect rural America from being marginalized, but in reality what it does is marginalize urban America. Why should the rural votes be more important than urban votes? If the system were weighted evenly then the candidate with the most votes would win each presidential election. I mean, as difficult as it is to question the wisdom of the framers of the constitution (oh wait, they also came up with the 3/5 rule?), doesn't any type of election which is designed so that the leading vote getter may not be the winner seem a little flawed? Oh, I know. Why don't they change the Electoral College where each state is not "winner take all," but the delgates are awarded according to the percentage of votes each candidate gets?
  8. I've been thinking about how the draft should be handled and I believe they should go ahead with it, if at all possible. With a little over month to go before the event, they should be able plan it out pretty well. I mean, you couldn't have an audience and the interaction between the league office, the teams, and the draftees would likely need to be conducted through remote feeds. But hey, if they could pull it off, it would get an amazing amount of coverage and attention because it would most likely be the only sports related event going on anywhere in the country at the time. In this scenario, they should just operate the draft out of the league office and move the Las Vegas draft to 2021.
  9. wtenn

    Poor Garth...

    Pooh is obviously a lib-tard as he pals around with an actual stuffed symbol of the Democratic Party!
  10. I'd push the Super Bowl back a couple of weeks so that it always fell on the day before President's Day. That way most people could attend Super Bowl parties and get appropriately blitzed without having to be worried about work the next day.
  11. Much like the aforementioned Jim Plunkett, Eli Manning's two Super Bowl victories feel like anomalies squeezed into a career of consistent mediocrity (or worse). At least Big Ben has some fairly prolific statistics to go along with his two Super Bowl victories. With that said, I don't think he should get in and I don't think he will get in. However, if he gets a broadcasting gig, especially with NFL Network, all bets are off (those guys always get in).
  12. So sorry to see this news. Rest in peace DMeade.
  13. I mean he is cussing out a paying customer (heckler or not). He is using much stronger language than the heckler. His lack of self control demonstrates a Bob Knight level of apparent narcissism. If the organization and fan base don't recognize this as a problem then I guess they are just driving with the blinders on. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I think it should be a fire-able offense.
  14. The inappropriateness of this is on par with Bud Adams's double barreled birds (see above). I hope he receives a fine in the six digits.

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