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  1. Liar. You've already stated what you've done. And you've already stated you're a troll. Stop projecting liar. If you were of any importance politically, or too this movement, I'd know who you are. Now please stop talking to me. I don't talk to trolls.
  2. What you're commenting on is a projection of my thoughts and ideas. Manifested. You ever got into astral projection? If not, def try.
  3. It's crazy how sometimes we're the only ones willing to tell the truth Honestly I respect you more, even with what you've said, then some of these "liberals" who are morally corrupt and will stab you in the back in a heartbeat. I totally see where you're coming from with them being "performative" and "fake" when it comes to certain issues. It really comes down to power. They use us just like they use a lot of issues. That's why I never wanted race attached to this issue in the first place, being so volatile, and fought against all sides being corrupt. Even protesters.
  4. Liar. I already told you I fought for all Americans even risking my career for it. But being a liar, and having no integrity, I don't respect any type of real debate from you. And you and your boy @headhunter told me all I need to know about you 2
  5. Waaaahhh!!! Stop hurting my feelings because you're exposing corruption!! Waaaaaaahhh!! My neighborhood and area are good, why should you "get" to protests?!!" Thanks for proving my point that you're a bitch made troll who deserves to die. Unless God miraculously enlightened you.
  6. This stupid motherfucker really just tried to twist the argument into HE is fighting against police corruption. And really typed that shit out. @headhunter you are bat shit crazy. A kid. And not worth engaging any further. You're fucking retarded
  7. It's funny but even funnier when @headhunter gets his head blown off. Maybe by one of those "thugs" he's around in butt fuck Tennessee. American trash
  8. YOU. YOU killed. So we can come back and laugh at what a stupid fuck you are. And then slander you and call you a thug and a dumbass. Then we wouldn't have to deal with your trolling ass trolling issues YOU CLAIM YOU CARE NOTHING ABOUT AND DON'T AFFECT YOU.
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