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  1. It's crazy how sometimes we're the only ones willing to tell the truth Honestly I respect you more, even with what you've said, then some of these "liberals" who are morally corrupt and will stab you in the back in a heartbeat. I totally see where you're coming from with them being "performative" and "fake" when it comes to certain issues. It really comes down to power. They use us just like they use a lot of issues. That's why I never wanted race attached to this issue in the first place, being so volatile, and fought against all sides being corrupt. Even protesters.
  2. It's funny but even funnier when @headhunter gets his head blown off. Maybe by one of those "thugs" he's around in butt fuck Tennessee. American trash
  3. All your hopes and wishes are doing nothing to prevent Americans getting killed by the state. Im not attack you, we agree on a lot, but trolling THIS issue then getting defensive when the shoe's on the other foot? Fuck that. I hope he dies on the way home by police, is completely innocent, then gets smeared in the media afterwards to get the cop off. From wherever he goes, maybe it'd "click" then. Im not joking. Would straighten the rest of the board out too
  4. I actually said I hope you get shot by a gang member. Big fucking deal. Stop acting like you give a damn about other people's lives
  5. That has nothing to do with you breaking a stated rule and wanting me banned for something arbitrary that you personally don't like. And if I hadn't been trolled by certain posters there never would've been a need for multiple threads. Funny how you don't want yourself banned for breaking a concrete rule on the books. And you're ass definitely wasn't defending things then so why now?
  6. Openly against forum rules to use the N word stated by a mod. Believe it was @Number9 involved. Rules broken and absolutely no backlash when pointed out. After being specifically stated. A false claim that I threatened some bitch on here's life and his kid's life (if he even has a kid), a rule not even stated, and its a violation. While @Oilerman openly jokes about death and makes fun of it. Fucked up logic going on here
  7. No the answer has an actual statistical factual based answer. With an actual percentage and "likelihood." And I don't live in my mom's basement. Or anyone's basement.

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