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  1. Yeah offense needs to be more consistent... 36 points just ain't gonna get it done.... I say we're 14th at best... ravens should be no lower than 3rd....
  2. Have my doubts OBJ bought that as an investment...
  3. You don't know what you've done.... The haters cannot be contained.
  4. Imagine if the roles were reversed... Mayock would be fired and it would be front page of MSESPN...
  5. Guys, it's preseason. I would rather him have gotten in a position to absorb the hit than try to throw the ball away and take a shot to the knee potentially in a game that doesn't matter. You people need help.
  6. You are correct. Pretty crazy he's able to observe all of that and live post.
  7. There's a dude on the Titans Reddit page that does a killer write up on all the open Titans camps. He attends mostly every one. He's pretty unbiased too. Much more insightful than most of the garbage on here. Although he does echo a lot of what Kyle is saying. Seems like CD84 is really standing out. Mariota has been solid. Kyle is right about Humphries helping Mariota out. Sounds like he is going to be another safety net much like Delanie is to him.
  8. If he was truly trying to hurt Henry at the end of the game, I'd say Norman got off easy...
  9. I would never go to a McDonald's franchise this idiot owns...
  10. Just saw he had a CD in his locker that said "Le'Veon Bell #1"... What a loser.