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  1. 0/10 troll post (again). I miss BK. I miss ME. *GAGS*
  2. I am growing to absolutely loathe Robiskie (yes I know, it's only 3 games R-E-L-A-X etc...). Of course the offense needs to execute better, especially Marcus and the WRs. I'm definitely NOT excusing the players and execution. As of right now, this offense is a shitshow from the coaching to players. Aside from Murray who is doing a great job. Having said all of that, there's plenty of time to turn this thing around and get the wheels moving so crush Houston on Sunday and go from there.
  3. Osweiler's accuracy has been Lockeresque so far tonight.
  4. Make me read a stupid thread once? Shame on you. Make me read a stupid thread twice? Shame on me. Make me read a stupid thread thrice? GFY you're a fucking moron (and so am I).
  5. No we have grocery stores up there lol and electricity too! I'm originally from Orange County CA and lived in Southern CA for a couple years after I graduated high school. I also lived in southern MI for a bit so it's not like I haven't ever lived anywhere else.
  6. I moved to Nashville a year ago from a tiny island in northern MI called Beaver Island (cue jokes), where I'd lived for most of my life. We had Titans season tickets before we had a place to live. So far, my gf and I absolutely love it here. We literally just did the young and stupid thing and moved here with basically no plan. Surprisingly, it has worked out much better than expected.
  7. Ummmm yes? We are Titans fans. They are not good right now, but we are still fans. Man this dude dumb as hell.
  8. Take it easy on @BoogBitch (sp?). Out of all the games I've been to, the Vikings fans were the absolute dumbest. There was a group behind us and they all sounded like they had marbles in their mouth. Then one of them yelled, "THEY'RE GOING FOR IT" when the Vikings were (clearly) lined up to punt one time. They also cheered twice when Walsh missed a FG and XP because they had no idea what was going on. So be nice to the poor fella and let him have his win. I mean come on, his franchise QB only has one appendage that isn't a noodle at this point.
  9. I know a guy! He just got into town tonight.