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  1. You thinking like a woman. Reel it back in.
  2. That's makes her information MORE reliable. Women do strange things when they think they want something. i.e case in point.
  3. You one of the crazy as hell's on here i see. You dont know shizz, thats your opinion. 6 teams?!!...FOH dummy. Get down with the squad or kick rocks.
  4. Every QB has issues, even the elites. Yall would complain if he went 20/22 with 300 yards with a w. " There were a few balls that were badly thrown " " He didn't throw any TD's " " He missed a receiver that could have scored " " My tampon shifted during the first quarter " " his passes outside the numbers was not sharp " You bishes seriously analyze stuff to much, guess yall want Jake Locker back....smh. Go be Texans fans or something.
  5. Well when he get us to the promise land keep that same energy.
  6. Yall crazy as hell. Only issue i have with Marcus is staying healthy. Every team in the league would take Mariota if he became available.
  7. Turns out it made Arthur Blank a tad bit richer. Wonder if we follow suit.
  8. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/24782945/william-hayes-miami-dolphins-tears-acl-trying-avoid-sack-flag 😂😂😂
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