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  1. Andrew Luck look like he musty and eat boogies.
  2. Care to elaborate? Just the facts sir. No shade...just trying to see why you say that.
  3. Think the deal was damn near perfect for our situation. Light money the first year to make moves. Enough money to show him he important. And i dont think a regression is coming. He is accurate and got heart, all traits that carry over season to season. He might not be as efficient...but his play should be around the same. And to top it all off, we can wack em in 2 years and be done with it if he does not produce.. Jrob twerked the hell out that deal.
  4. Think the extra game may be better for a future realignment? Three 6 team divisions? Don't mind the extra game but, I think it has to be some sort of angle to it. Can't be just pure greed...
  5. I think it is still somewhat present because he does not have his to gear. Which makes what he is doing more amazing!
  6. I heard James Harrison say when they use the RPO, you can hit the QB every time because he becomes a runner. Even if he hands it off. Wonder if Pees will use that method if true.
  7. Much love for Kern also, He is a weapon. Vrabel gets a A+ from me.
  8. Wrong, he would have been sacked for sure on the Firkser TD.
  9. I agree, not sure why people keep saying that. He made the plays we needed. The pats focused on stopping play action. We shoved Henry down their throats.
  10. So did I. Finessed em and milked the game like a dairy farmer.

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