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  1. The fact that you has to explain that shows you your audience. Bravo sir
  2. I am surprised you are impressed with anything the titans do...smh
  3. Oookkaayy... Am i missing something? Isn't the point in our current oline situation to limit stressful situations as much as possible... Therefore giving them a chance to succeed? Smh
  4. Not to mention the obviously superior coaching staff. Y'all seriously need to reevaluate your fandom. Are you just trolling at this point or just really stubborn.... Smh. We were superior to them as a team and that's what matters.
  5. You guys are miserable! He played very well. Every qb in the entire damn NFL has pro and cons, good and bad. Mariota had minimal bad and got a convincing w...wtf!...smh.
  6. Every QB had deep passes that didn't connect in week 3. Y'all want 8 perfect on every pass... Not gonna happen no matter who at qb. Ie Baker Mayfield, big ben and on....
  7. I just read your Avatar statement and figured it out. Your in your OWN pretend world were we are thin at OLB. Its just not a true statement sir, but do you!
  8. So your issue is what you THINK might happen. If that is the case I can think the direct opposite. What is the truth is we have some players that can make impact at the position. World beaters...probably not...but more than likely they will show up on Sundays. Anything is better than 1.5 sacks between the two starting OLB's. And as you mentioned Pees gonna throw some stuff in there to get pressure.
  9. There celebrating it because that was the issue from last week... Lol
  10. Meh. If it's not this it's that. Can't lose making a profit.
  11. TitanHead


    Need the o-line to stand strong. Anything else would be nit-picking
  12. Really... Care to elaborate? I see at least 5 players that will make impacts this year.