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  1. If Mariota can run all over the Jags imagine what Tyrod can do. Mccoy may be out though.
  2. If the Jags play their starters we win. If they play their backups we lose.
  3. So the Jaguars want to play against the team that beat them handily instead of the team they already beat?
  4. That would mean if the Titans do win against the Jags scrubs they would be a 9.5 underdog in Jacksonville the following week. Seems way high. I don't see us being more than a touchdown underdog in Jax.
  5. Well home field is worth 3, so that would mean the Titans would be favored by 2 on a neutral field. I doubt public perception is that the Titans are a better team, even with last week's results. I could be wrong though. With starters in I'd guess the spread would be somewhere around Titans -1.
  6. The current spread (Titans -5) indicates that Jags would be resting some starters.