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  1. I heard a great point on a titans podcast about Julio having more longevity because he has farther down to go from being such a specimen and such a good player. Here are the ages of retirement for generational receivers in recent years. Jerry Rice 42 Randy moss 34 TO 39 (last nfl game 37) larry fitz 37 (still ballin) Hines ward 36 Reggie Wayne 37 Lookin forward to atleast 3 years of Julio. (ages are subject to error of 1 lol)
  2. We did it boys!!!! Nobody will stop this offense. Nobody will be able to match us physically. Titans about to change football
  3. I’d rather have him on dline, but his hand work, and body leverage give him a ton of potential
  4. Getting an offer from bama out of CC says a lot
  5. Oh yea, I don’t know why I said Jones and not Simmons
  6. The feel the Titans are just 1 or 2 moves away from solidifying a Super Bowl contending roster. Here’s what to be excited and worried about. Offense: (BAD) 1. Davis’ yards last year made him kind of overrated but we didn’t bring in anybody that makes this group better than 20’....... yet. However, the Titans are just a Julio Jones or a proven slot WR away from creating a passing attack that won’t fall flat when Henry isn’t carrying the offense. 2. Tight end depth is also a position of concern. 3. This all leads to us having no
  7. Why were udfa receivers not begging to sign with us? They would have a great chance to make the squad. Maybe they just wanted the most camp money.
  8. Everybody getting drafted and playing D1 ball is talking about their mom quitting her job and setting up their family. Shout out to a young king who said, “f*** y’all, I’m retired”. Dudes rock.
  9. Any explanation on why they went undrafted
  10. This draft is very good IMO. You can’t expect to have 8 rookie starters. What you want is a class that can produce 3-4 stars with highly athletic boom or bust guys and this draft supplies that. Round 1: Caleb Farley, CB, Virginia Tech (A beast if he gets/stays 100% at our weakest position last year) Round 2: Dillon Radunz, OT, North Dakota State (A very competitive, Boom or Bust small school guy brought in to compete) Round 3: Monty Rice, LB, Georgia (Very high football IQ guy who can read offenses and fix our communication/assignment problems)
  11. Let’s see who can get the closest. edited posts after May won’t count. RD1 Caleb Farley: 76 RD2 Dillon Radunz: 70 RD3 Monty Rice: 69 RD3 Elijah Molden: 71 RD4 Rashad Weaver: 70 RD6 Pending RD6 Pending RD7 Pending
  12. Me too. I think he can play like he did against auburn his freshman year but has dealt with injuries
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