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  1. https://www.thedailybeast.com/get-ready-for-muellers-phase-two-the-middle-east-connection?ref=home We knew it was coming..
  2. A - I guess I’d pay Marcus Mariota if I were Tennessee GM Jon Robinson. But I’d be conservative on the guarantee. We still don’t know if he’s even above average as an NFL quarterback. That interception in the first half Thursday, when he threw way high … scary. Wonder if finger was issue at all... Nah probably just horrific throw on run B - In another life, on another team, Jurrell Casey would be a consistent Pro Bowler, and be on his way to a borderline Hall of Fame life. He’s a poor man’s Aaron Donald. SO VERY TRUE C - Nothing personal against the Titans, but did the NFL overexpose them when scheduling back in April? I think so. National TV for games 7 (versus the Chargers from London), 8 (Monday night at Dallas), 11 (Monday night at Houston), 13 (Thursday night versus Jacksonville) … That’s four times in eight weekends. Seems a bit much. I enjoyed it AND in awards section Derrick Henry -The 2015 Heisman winner from Alabama and 2016 second-round pick of the Titans, Henry managed only 1,234 yards in his first two NFL seasons, and lumbering toward 500 yards Thursday night against the Jags. He didn’t even start the game. But midway through the second quarter Henry took a handoff at his 1-yard line and stiff-armed his way through four Jaguars down the left sideline. The 99-yard touchdown run tied Tony Dorsett for the long run in NFL history, and sent him on his way to a 17-carry, 238-yard, four-TD night. He averaged14.0 yards per rush. It’s one of the best games an NFL running back has ever had. And he didn’t start. Did I mention that?
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    Around the NFL

    Fins , Fu... unbelievable
  4. Patriots are awful vs. Fins
  5. pamo9

    Yah know what grinds my gears...

    Even when we went 10 and 0 to start a season we got no love. Don't have flashy enough players
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    Anybody notice CJY2K got rid of his grills?
  7. I think you may be on to something. He did sorta limp to the finish last week.
  8. Titans radio said MM was having trouble with his hand for 4 series and working it on sideline before he left game
  9. My brother lives in Indy. He says the radio up there says he had stroke
  10. They said they only put him in wheelchair no strecher or anything
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    Week 11: Titans @ Colts Game Thread

    That would be your HC
  12. pamo9

    Week 11: Titans @ Colts Game Thread

    Happened before game started they r saying
  13. Vrabel calling plays instead, ruff
  14. pamo9

    Week 11: Titans @ Colts Game Thread

    Our coaches have a lot to learn. Victory Monday is for shit.