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  1. CNN snap poll has Biden the winner 53 to 39.
  2. Did include Violence against women Act too. Very good component
  3. Why didn't Trump fix these things in his time in office then if he knew that issues were left unresolved? What are his plans. Unlike Joe who has a plan to go forward, the clown has none.
  4. Americans don't panic.You panicked.. Right on
  5. Trump better just because he's more calm tonight so far but he still has bad answers to all the questions. No plans.
  6. Naw, 50 cent has been in bankruptcy or near it multiple times like his mentor DJT, he just wants to hold on to his own money. Greedy
  7. Call me sappy but I think the whole nation needs a hug like that
  8. Why is it we always beat good teams in season but lose in playoffs then those teams win Superbowl. Ravens, Chiefs, Steelers, Rams ( well at least we got to the SB too)
  9. Plus some actually think it's a good idea to prepare for a debate
  10. So this is the skit that didn't make it to air last night. Logo showed up on background when Bieber was singing
  11. pamo9

    US Senate Race

    Now this is very interesting. Go Doug go.
  12. pamo9

    Biden/Trump Town Halls

    However, the fracking answer he gave was very nuanced and helpful I thought. He also pivoted to making it an environmental protection answer too.
  13. pamo9

    Biden/Trump Town Halls

    I only flipped over there quickly but noticed her asap. PLANT

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