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  1. WATCH: Trump decries the fact that “laws allow a baby to be born from his or her mother’s womb in the 9th month,” and says “it is wrong, it has to change.” It’s unclear if Trump is calling for forced abortions or for delaying births until the 10th month. What the f.....?
  2. Get you some orange bronzer just like our Pres uses🤣
  3. Kamala out
  4. Yea, after that Kalif fielded a punt too not AH
  5. Yea, only 2 in his career until this yr
  6. Tajae out tomorrow. Hammy from practice I guess..more opportunities for Kalif Well now it says questionable. I guess somebody jumped gun
  7. AJ Brown named Pepsi rookie of the week. And D Henry named FedEx ground player of the week
  8. Who knows but I tend to think Esper is just trying to deflect and make Spencer look bad.
  9. On 2nd thought wonder why they didn't just bring back Darius Jennings?
  10. Cody Hollister promoted to 53 man. I guess Cory Davis will definitely be out. Aaron Stinnie waived
  11. I can't find the quote or video but also heard on radio that when asked this week about Eddie's comments at least Lewan handled it with class. Said he had much respect for Eddie and called him a hall of fame back
  12. This is so true. The revolt of the little man is far far far OVERDUE!
  13. Sondland NOW REMEMBERS everything. (trying to avoid prison for perjury don't you know.
  14. If Pamphile is never gonna play, why is he still in the 53??
  15. I remember seeing him later back in. I assume he is ok.