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  1. On radio last night, Kevin Dyson said both were on Whylie. He said rule is block inside out and he let his inside guy through and blocked outside guy instead. On 2nd one, they went at him again with a different look and he over compensated and blocked inside guy when he was already being blocked. Coaching or he's dumb as f... Also Cory Curtis said in past that job was Byard or Hooker so who thought it was a good idea to put 5th Rd rookie out there
  2. Should have made it regardless of laces placement
  3. Seem to always penalized more than other team too, getting way old
  4. Yea, as long as they get him off the punt team
  5. https://people.com/florida-gop-chair-christian-ziegler-sexual-battery-investigation-8409160 Such fine people....
  6. Rachel Maddow profiled the guys that stopped the stabbing tonight. Props to her. She's awesome.
  7. Yes, she really exposes H Ford and that stuff about going to MS to study Jim Crow etc was very revealing.
  8. Amazing how history is repeating itself. Fascism alive and well for sure. Tidbits she researched so on point and sure weren't in my college history classes.
  9. Over 9k now , only 37 others in NFL history had 5hst amount
  10. It should be very important if you believe actual words someone says should matter
  11. Wonder if Kearis Jackson will ever play?
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