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  1. Enjoyed it very much 🥳🥳🥳🥳
  2. First Muslim coach as well
  3. I don't like Clay Travis. He's such a tool. Is that radio or podcast only??
  4. I know some didn't like Kuharsky but I thought this was the best sports talk radio program in Nashville. Always had great guests.
  5. Today was the last day for MIDDAY 180. They alluded to another opportunity elsewhere for all 3 of them. WTF?? I guess they got to expensive.
  6. No AFC rivals for me. Rodgers or Brees
  7. He and Trae Crowder fromm Celina TN ( he's been on Bill Maher) are hilarious and dead on about the Southern racists in our midst
  8. 🤣 Or 😥 not sure which one. These folks are some special kinda of sick crazy stupid
  9. Hell Firkser can take that role. Been doin it
  10. Hey where's Bongo, didn't he say Colts were gonna beat Bills?
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