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  1. Doral will not host G7 after all. Trump backs out.
  2. Not true, just like CNN to not even mention 1 of the valid reasons Tulsi just might b using Russia to advance her on status
  3. Per Adam Schefter, Urban released. I guess they're not too worried about missing Finch. Wake back, hopefully.
  4. I agree and so does the man who ran PR for Humana and goes on TV now and loudly advocates for MFA whenever he can. He's right, it's what we have now that's too expensive. NBC News: Health care debate shows the lies I told for insurance companies about 'Medicare for All' worked.
  5. Mick Mulvaney just admits everything!!
  6. Because it's contributing to the income inequality in this country not helping the lower and middle classes who live week to week and can't participate in the stock market.
  7. I would watch this type offense. If it doesn't work, then move on. Haters be damned.
  8. I don't know if this might be true or not but could explain why Art was in locker room talking to everybody after game if that isn't his norm...
  9. Happy Birthday US Navy, not... What an idiot we have as Commander in Chief
  10. 2nd play 9f game, shoulder
  11. Hopefully soon he'll get the hint (when he's impeached and removed)that he can't run the federal governmrnt like his own private Trump hotel chain
  12. Disgusting, these folks trying to make a buck off the backs of their own community. Should be against the law
  13. Nothing to see here, drug deal gone bad. They have been caught already from out of state