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  1. https://www.mediaite.com/news/5-craziest-revelations-from-nbcs-expose-of-the-pro-trump-paper-funded-by-falun-gong/ EPOCH TIMES EXPOSED TODAY FOR WHAT IS IS - KOOKYTOWN
  2. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2849726-2019-nfl-roster-bubble-biggest-names-who-could-be-cut. Yet the national media still full of idiocy. Delanie cut, no way
  3. Rachel Maddow is skewering NRA and Lapiere mansion tonight.
  4. Too bad, Avery Williamson tore ACL , out for year with JETS. Played well for them last season after leaving Titans
  5. Beto said on Lawrence O'Donnell tonight that he is NOT gonna run for Senate
  6. Heard a new MAGA slogan today, pretty funny. McDonald's and golf again
  7. You gotta see the newest pic of Melania holding the baby who lost both parents while dumbass smiles big and gives a thumbs up
  8. Interesting new story in The Athletic about money spent in the off season to build new kitchen and cafeteria and hire cooks at Titans facility. Sounds 1st class. They used to bring cater food in not cook onsite
  9. In 1988, President Reagan signed the Civil Liberties Act to compensate more than 100,000 people of Japanese descent who were incarcerated in internment camps during World War II. The legislation offered a formal apology and paid out $20,000 in compensation to each surviving victim.
  10. For decades since the UN was founded after World War II, the international convention on refugees is that they must be allowed passage to the destination they choose, without interference by any other country. Fyi
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