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  1. Warren and Biden on Lawrence O'Donnell at 9 cst Oops. Postponed ☹️
  2. I just worry he may get even more deranged ( if possible) as he sinks in polls and get even crazier. He will be desperate.
  3. More heartache. Hope he is charged with murder. TGO says this has been classified self defense with video. I was wrong
  4. I hope the turd gets dejected and checks out or keeps going even more ballistic.
  5. pamo9

    Virus in US

    I TOTALLY believe that someone in the Trump family is profiting from the sale of this drug. Has to be
  6. Confused? Jill Biden prefers Demings or Warren? Where did you hear that.
  7. Barr out front already claiming the looters etc are all Antifa. Just like he spun the Mueller report before anyone had a chance to know the truth. Same ole same ole. Just more incitement by the orange idiot.
  8. 28 people arrested in Nashville. https://www.wkrn.com/news/nashville-i-will-breathe-28-arrests-during-protests-after-curfew/ ( Sent from WKRN News ) https://www.wkrn.com/news/local-news/nashville-fire-department-investigating-4-fires-set-in-downtown-area-saturday/ ( Sent from WKRN News )
  9. Nancy French (@NancyAFrench) Tweeted: Nashville is being destroyed right now. Every brick I saw thrown without exception was thrown by white people. This man was yelling at these white people who’d just put horse excrement on a cop car and broke out their windows. He said, ‘they’ll blame us!’ #NashvilleProtest https://t.co/TWL5VFeWGq This is a tweet from David French wife. They were at rally. He is a Republican who has increasingly spoken out vs Trump. Fyi
  10. I wasn't advocating for her as VP now but she adds to bench for sure.
  11. I would add Lori Lightfoot too. She's impressive.
  12. Demings, Lance Bottoms, and Muriel Bowser all on MTP just now. Dems bench of black women is pretty deep. All very good.
  13. I don't dislike her as much as some here but I wasn't inspired today by her either. I also think she's toast. I prefer Warren as she was my 1st choice in 2020 but Harris or Demings will do too.

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