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  1. pamo9

    Virus in US

    She is not in the majority
  2. pamo9

    Virus in US

    Democrats don't mind sending $ to corporations. They mind sending to them without oversight and to be given out only at the Treasury Secretary's discretion and in 6 months of secrecy.
  3. Titans Ravens playoff game just started Sat 21st at 1pm CST on NFL Network😃
  4. pamo9

    Virus in US

    Unfortunately they are on the way back to their home states to create more hotspots
  5. Tapper: This is the latest evidence Trump should let Pence take the helm https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2020/03/20/tapper-trump-response-coronavirus-lead-sot-vpx.cnn Tapper is right . Trump needs to step aside and let the grownups handle daily presser. Disgraceful to the office of the President
  6. pamo9

    Virus in US

    Actually Spanish flu didnt originate in Spain. They just reported on it 1st and most and name stuck. First reported case was in army depot in KS
  7. His aides are saying no. He is soldering on. Wrong decision I think
  8. Zilch They just signed Jason Witten🙄
  9. pamo9

    Virus in US

    Press conference being held right now is first one ever that looks remotely like what one should look like FINALLY WAY TOO LATE Except he did shake hands with some of them 😖
  10. So are you trying to suggest companies shouldn't pay those taxes either? Good grief, you do wanna hold the worker down even more don't you?
  11. pamo9

    Virus in US

    Ted Cruz self quarantined at home after shaking hands with infected person at CPAC

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