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  1. These are guys I consider better pure passers in the NFL. In no particular order… Patrick Mahomes Josh Allen Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers Russell Wilson Kyler Murray Justin Herbert Deshaun Watson Matthew Stafford Joe Burrow And yes he’s a rookie but I believe Trevor Lawrence is a better pure passer as well. All of these QBs I would take over Tannehill if they had to out dual one another in a shootout.
  2. I would definitely not call Tannehill an elite passer. There are probably 10 or more QBs I would take ahead of him as far as pure passers go.
  3. Again I’ll ask you, can you name me his starting OL and WRs in that Seahawks game? Coaching and supporting cast is a HUGE factor in a QB’s success.
  4. He had a very bad year in 2020, that’s it. Are you going to argue against his stats in 2019 and the fact he had no WRs or OL on that team? Philly had a horrendous rash of injuries the past few seasons at those positions.
  5. It’s pretty easy to see you’re a homer and Colts hater. Can you provide me with some supporting stats that show Wentz being dreadful in 2019?
  6. Yeah I’m sure you know everything behind the scenes over there lol.
  7. I’m sure I could find lowlights on multiple QBs in this league, including Tannehill.
  8. I’d say a QB rating of 102 and 93 in 2018 and 2019 is pretty good considering what he had to work with at WR and OL.
  9. You’re simply delusional. Go look at Wentz’s stats and see who he had around him due to injuries in both 2018 and 2019. 2020 was his only bad season.
  10. All Wentz has to do is play like he did in 2019, which was better QB play than what Rivers gave them last year. I’m gonna laugh when Wentz surprises people like you who think he’s done.
  11. I’ll give you a few ways. Indy runs the ball just as well as anyone with JT, Mack, Nyheim Hines and that elite OL, and could control the clock and keep Tannehill and the Titans offense on the sidelines. Another way is since they do have the better defense they create a turnover or two. I know it’s so hard for you to comprehend this, but you simply thinking you don’t see how the Colts can beat the Titans is ignorant on your part. You don’t give them enough credit for the talent they have on that roster along with good coaching.
  12. I’m not saying Hilton will torch the Titans. I’m simply saying I have more confidence in the Colts DBs than I do the Titans DBs.
  13. Well considering the Colts have a better pass rush and LB core, that gives them a decent shot to slow down the Titans passing game if they are able to somewhat contain Henry.
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