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  1. Bills are also much better than they were last time they played the Titans.
  2. I’d still take Ballard over Robinson all day every day. Robinson is too deficient in the draft, and Ballard has consistently made the smarter free agent acquisitions.
  3. Dude I live in Nashville and know exactly who you were missing today. Farley, Jayon Brown, and Amani Hooker are not in the same category as players like Nelson and Smith. When you have a devastated OL it’s pretty hard to win a game. And I simply stated that because that was THE reason the Titans won today. Colts simply couldn’t protect Wentz again.
  4. Colts were missing All Pro Nelson, Pro Bowl caliber RT Braden Smith, and center Ryan Kelly was banged up with a bad shoulder.
  5. He used to be one of the better LTs in the game. He’s not currently. He’s starting to age and I wouldn’t say he’s light years better than Fisher. And yes I know the Titans roster. I live in Nashville and watch every game.
  6. Lol you’re calling Fulton, Saffold, Byard, Simmons, and Lewan “stars?” They’re good players but not considered stars at this point. Henry, Brown, and Julio I’ll give you. And as far as the Colts 3 stars you listed, two of them affect the trenches which decides games in the NFL. Leonard is a star who is great at forcing turnovers which also decides games.
  7. If people would actually watch the Colts games they would see that Wentz wasn’t the problem. They need to get the OL right and coach better. They didn’t even attempt to stop Cooper Kupp in the last game.
  8. I’m simply stating facts. I’m not betting on the Colts to win the division this year due to injuries to the OL, Leonard, and Wentz. Once they start getting healthy, however, I could see them make a run for a wild card birth. Wentz has looked good the first 2 games considering the lack of protection he received from the OL. You get the OL healthy and gelling and Wentz can look like a top 12 QB once again.
  9. No they’re very injured right now, completely different scenario. If they’re so overrated how did they have 6 All Pros last year?
  10. And you’re in denial thinking the Titans are this bonafied Super Bowl contending team with a game managing QB and a below average defense. Once an opponent slows Henry in the postseason it’s over for the Titans.
  11. Man you’re so off base I don’t even know where to begin.
  12. When you’re missing one of the top RT’s in the game it’s a huge loss.
  13. Wentz is far from the Colts issues these past few games. They simply are injured up front all over the OL and therefore have been very subpar. Also Darius Leonard is injured and doesn’t look himself and they have missed Xavier Rhodes.
  14. Because Tannehill isn’t one of the top QBs in the league. Is he top 12? Probably. But no way is he considered among the top guys like Mahomes, Wilson, Rodgers, Watson, Allen, Jackson, or Brady. And my argument with Wentz is that he still is one of the most talented QBs in this league (yes more talented than even your beloved Tannehill). And now he gets out of that dumpster fire that was Philly and gets to work with a HC in Reich who always gets the best out of his QBs. Not saying he’s going to be great in 2021, but that he should be much better then you’re giving him credit for. You’
  15. You’re not even worth the effort seeing that you resort to childish name-calling.
  16. Don’t worry he’ll rise up those rankings soon enough provided he stays healthy of course. He has a much better team and coaching staff around him in Indy than he had in Philly.
  17. People have also died from the Flu which I never get the shot for, and I can’t remember the last time I’ve had the flu *knock on wood*
  18. Show me the statistics where it shows that. And if that were the case I’m positive the majority of the deceased had underlying conditions and were elderly.
  19. I’m gonna need you to actually check the statistics of those who die due to COVID vs the general population of those who get the virus. You’re far more likely to die from a car crash. https://www.webmd.com/lung/covid-recovery-overview#:~:text=Experts don't have,% and 99.75%. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/coronavirus-death-rate/
  20. COVID isn’t going away even if everyone gets the vaccine. It’s like the flu. It’s something we’ll all have to live with. And vaccinated people can still spread the virus.
  21. This is basically you telling me you can’t prove it.
  22. Prove to me where it shows how unvaccinated people are more of a danger to the at risk folks than vaccinated folks. The vaccination only helps lower your symptoms if you get COVID. It by no means prohibits you from spreading the virus to others.
  23. Nobody knows the possible side effects it can have longterm yet. But you go ahead and follow what the media and government want. And comparing not electing to be forced into the vaccine right now with drunk driving is idiotic of you.
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