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What will Tannehill's passing numbers look like in 2021?

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Given his attempts per game during the regular season last year, that would be a sizeable increase.  I will assume your numbers include the playoffs, including a Super Bowl win.


So therefore, I like your prediction.

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I don't see any way his attempts or YPA stay at the same rate unless they bring in more skill players.  The way the roster is currently constructed they will have to rely even more on the running game and defense.  You can guess on this stuff all day long but he's going to have somewhere between 460-560 attempts and it will likely be on the low end of that due to Henry.  He's going to average probably somewhere between 7-9 yards per attempt and 62-68%.


That's a wide range and impossible to predict.  


What I do know is that he'll be better than Mariota (top 10 ish) and the defense will still put up decent points as long as Tannehill and Henry both stay healthy.  

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28 Tds 9 ints 3500 yds. I think his and our overall offensive numbers will dip. New coordinator I.E system and the losses of a few pieces will alter a few things. I expect a rough start, but expect to pick it up mid season. I think offensively we would be worse if not for Derrick Henry...I think he will make the transition smoother. 

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