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  1. I thought Mularkey signed a 3-year contract in January 2016. What makes all you guys think we'll replace him based strictly on that? Thanks.
  2. From what I know Wright will be a UFA in March and I don't see them signing him again. Your starting WR assessment looks right, but I would love someone with more umph to replace Sharpe, dropping him down to WR3. Like usual, enjoy your comments.
  3. I'll be at one of these games too, unless they play in Buffalo. Likely be in PITT for a change in scenery though, was in Cleveland in 2015 to see them lose to Johnny Football lol.
  4. Otherworldly? Man, you give up fast! Don't want you backing me up in war. lol
  5. Can we please move on from Mariani? Jesus he blows.
  6. I'm in Detroit now, really hammed! Came with my wice from Toronto to see the Titans play tomorrow! Are any of you motherfuckers here? Let me know motherfuckers. AHHHHH!
  7. Hey man, where did you hear this? Thx
  8. How does someone get in on this league?
  9. I agree with you. Good examples with Elway and Marino. I root for the Titans and I'm from Toronto. When I was a kid in '91 I loved the run-and-shoot offence, which made me a fan of the Oilers/Titans.
  10. I'll be at the Detroit game (week 2)! Anyone else? Closest game to Toronto. Hopefully I can get to Chicago (week 12) later in the season too. Sorry, not trying to be annoying, posting the games "I" want to go to, just so pumped with the trade news, the schedule release, the Jays coming back on the Yankees tonight, and Raps playoffs on Saturday! Life is gooooood!
  11. Life is good right now! I'm impressed by Jon Robinson. Would Ruston Webster been able to pull this off - I so doubt it! Man, I am so geared right now for the season, and the draft! Man, I need to be at a Titans game RIGHT NOW!!! Wooooooo!
  12. Does anyone know his Snapchat user name? I have to follow this guy now. So ridiculous! I hope Mularkey is abreast of this stuff, and cares about it, but why do I think the opposite?
  13. I'm not really impressed with her looks. I'd rather bang Mariota.

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