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  1. h4t

    Jeff Fisher Article

    Didn’t Fisher get divorced along the way? You can cut his net worth by 2/3rds right there.
  2. Let’s see, it took Eddie to coach up Henry to play up to his potential? Who is our RB coach, since this makes him look incompetent. I’m sure he loves reading this narrative.
  3. I don’t know who the QB coach is, but in view of all the sacks Mariota took it wouldn’t surprise me to see him fired. There is no excuse for not coaching Mariota how to avoid sacks by dumping the ball off, throwing it away, or falling down ala Peyton Manning.
  4. I’ve followed the Titans since they left Houston and I’ve never seen so many injuries in one year than we’ve had this year. I would estimate at lest 2 or 3 times more significant injuries this year than in any other previous season. That can’t be just bad luck, hence I’m not surprised to see the S and C staff canned.
  5. I'm not sure Butler was ever a "once was great player" player. He had one great play in the Super Bowl, and became a regular who was benched in a later Super Bowl. I think he has played well here since his early season failures. I thought he played well against the Giants, and I think he will remain an important cog in our defensive backfield next year, so if we do draft a DB, it won't be because of him.
  6. h4t

    This Offensive Line is Garbarge

    Vrabel said today one reasin he made the change was because Marcus was not getting a usable pocket. Even he agrees with most of the non MM haters on this board that the line needs to give MM a better pocket.
  7. h4t

    Thoughts: A Win is A Win

    Vrabel said today in his press conference that there was not a fake punt called. When I saw #41 peel off and not block anyone I said to myself that he would be on the street today, then I realized it was Trawick and changed my mind.
  8. I think JRob used free agency a lot to try to repair Webster's mess. Don't get me wrong, I still like JRob and think hes done a nice job of improving the roster, though I think he still has a ways to go. I still support him but I think his frequent draft trades at least need to be evaluated over time. He may turn out in time to be the only genius GM out of 32, and may become a trend setter for the whole league, or he may need reevaluated.
  9. I'll agree with you if you can name a GM that's traded 19 picks since 2016 while not trading for a QB.
  10. I was curious also so looked up his draft pick trades. He has given up 2016 1(#1), 4(#100), 4(#113), 1(#15), 3(#76), 2017 2(#52), 4(#124), 5(#164), 6(#200), 6(#207), 6(#214), 2018 1(#25), 2(#57), 3(#89), 4(#125), 5(#162), 6(#215), and 2019 6(future). He has received Demarco Murray, Jack Conklin, Austin Johnson, Derrick Henry, Corey Davis, Deshaun Sims, Kalen Reed, Taywan Taylor, Jayon Brown, Khalfani Mohammed, Corey Levin, Jack Caraway, Leshaun Evans, Harold Landry, and Kamalei Correa. These are the net gains and losses, 19 picks for15 players. The huge haul for the 2016 #1 pick makes the numbers closer that I expected.
  11. Yes, to the extent that he has. I don’t think any GM’s have traded as much as he has for non QB’s.
  12. JRobs problem is trading away draft capital for players that he falls in love with. At first I thought that was refreshing, now I’m not so sure. The draft is such a crapshoot, that the more picks you make, the more likely you’ll hit. I would love to have our picks back and redo the drafts picking where we should. I think we would have more hits and a lot better roster if we did it that way. There’s a reason JRob is the only GM in the NFL that throws away draft capital to get a player that he is enamored with, and that is that it is a bad philosophy per 31 other GM,s.
  13. h4t

    Matt LaFleur Play Calls - IN OVER HIS HEAD

    I don’t know what he did for the Rams, but LaFleur is no McVay, and never will be. I feel sorry for anyone who hires him as a head coach.
  14. This is a little off topic, but I think our draft philosophy is pertinent to this discussion. JRob's way is to target players and then trade away valuable draft picks to get them. This has a tendency to deplete the heart of the draft, rounds 3-5. The rate of hitting on these picks is not super high, but most good teams are good because they drafted well in this area. Last year we had only 4 draft picks, one wasted for a QB(Falk). Would we have been better off just taking the best player available and getting 2 bonus picks in round 3 and 4, or doing what we did. I'm not sure how I feel as I really like the Landry pick, but I'm not sure if Evans was worth it. The mid rounds is where most interior lines are built, both OL and DL., and we added none in this draft.
  15. h4t

    Mariota: Mr. Inconsistent

    I don't care what year it is, he has all the traits of a franchise QB. Here are some things I really like about him. 1. He is willing to learn and does learn i.e. ball security, he has started moving up in the pocket since people complained that he didn't, protecting himself when he runs(a work in progress, but definitely improving), looking for the second read. Basically I think he is willing to improve on any complaint and succeed. 2. Deadly accurate, the #1 requirement of a franchise QB. 3. Personality and leadership. I am tired of people knocking his demeanor. There is not a player on the team who wouldn't run through a brick wall for him, and no true fans who don't love him and wouldn't stand in line to help or support him if he needed it. 4. Speed and ability to run when needed. This is a characteristic which could be the difference between winning and losing a Super Bowl game. There isn't a QB needy team in the league who would't give up 2 #1 picks for him right now. Put him on the Rams right now and he would out play Goff, and think what the Rams gave up for Goff. If we had an above average OL, he would now be considered a top 5 QB. The dumbest thing we could do would be to give up on him now.