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  1. I think Evans really answered his critics with that goal line stop of Johnson today, one of several plays by Titans today that saved the win.
  2. If you look at the way they constantly run Henry into stacked boxes and run blitzes, it pretty obvious the Titans don’t use analytics much
  3. He came from Nebraska but went to Kansas before Nebraska became great. I used to watch him play for the Bears. Pre-injury he was the most exciting runner I've ever seen.
  4. I was looking at Jrobs drafts, and third round picks seem to be a sweet spot. He's made 5 picks in 5 years with 3 hits(Byard, J. Smith, N.Davis), one bust(T.Taylor) and one tbd in D. Evans. On the other hand he's only made one 4th round pick(A. Hooker). Maybe he should concentrate on not trading 3rd round picks, and instead continue to use 4th round picks to move up or trade for players(Tannehill).
  5. Gerrymandering is illegal per the courts, but of course both sides do it.
  6. h4t

    Virus in US

    If the treatment is harmless, I see no reason not to try it while waiting for the gold standard studies. We don't have time to complete definitive studies. I haven't seen Dr Bartlett's paper, but he feels this treatment is legitimate and useful, but to get it published in peer reviewed journals would probably take 6-8 months. We do have evidence that a steroid like dexamethasone is beneficial even though systemic steroids actually suppress the immune system. It makes sense that a targeted steroid(which doesn't suppress the immune system} might be beneficial. If I contracted Covid 19, I would take it without hesitation as it is as close to harmless as any treatment available.
  7. h4t

    Virus in US

    Well, there is now an effective treatment for Covid 19 which should put an end to all of the concerns with public health issues. Taiwan has had 7 deaths despite a population of 24 million and Japan has had an insignificant death rate from Covid. What is this treatment that is so successful? Simple, inhaled steroids. A Dr. Bartlett in Texas has a pending paper showing his results of near 100% cure with inhaled Budesonide, a drug available for years for asthma patients. It doesn't matter how many people contract Covid 19, if given this drug they won't die, and will be cured before the serious side effects of Covid 19 occur. How fast this treatment is adopted will tell me if continuing this pandemic is political.
  8. No, that was hydroxyquinaline. I think Trump shouldn't tout this drug until the science community says it works, or else it will be ignored and panned.
  9. We are not certain to get a 3rd at this point though it is likely. I don't know the formula and neither does anyone else. It could drop to a 4th since we paid more for Beasley than Oakland did for Mariota. If they count Sharpe, Johnson and Lewis we might be due more than a 3rd. Someone who is an expert at comp picks, please enlighten me.
  10. Ivermectin is the new game changer. If further studies confirm what the early studies show, the pandemic is over and the stadiums will be full.
  11. I think we may be too pessimistic on the vaccine. They are already producing millions of doses of the vaccine as they run the clinical trials, so if the trails are positive I could see them start injecting by September. I would be first in line to get one even if not totally studied. If you don't think those now in power politically wouldn't be pushing and paying for early adoption, you haven't been paying attention. The only thing that would get us back to normal would be a vaccine, a treatment that prevents death, or herd immunity. By the way, I can't image having anyone in the stands now for games. People are constantly crawling over me at the games to reach the bathrooms or concessions.
  12. I think the Titans are going to trade their 2021 3rd round pick, either to move up or to get a 4th round pick 2020. Since they will have a 3rd round comp pick, it makes too much sense as they will still have a 3rd next year.
  13. https://www.instagram.com/p/B-5VV9bnqHf/ Perks of being a McCaffrey--Christian blue and Luke pink.
  14. Luke is a QB for my Huskers--a great kid who I expect to see starting next year.

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