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  1. Thanks Charley, very helpful.
  2. Is there a place where there is a comprehensive list of each teams signed UDFA players. The hodge podge here is a little confusing.
  3. Maybe his arms are short,but I've never seen arms with a bigger circumference due to muscle. That has to count for something. It's not going to be easy to get by him.
  4. Is Ossenfort getting revenge for not getting the Titans job?
  5. Not sure why Trey Palmer doesn't get any hype here as at least a mid round pick. He ran a 4.33 40 and set receiving records at Nebraska of all places, after transferring there for one year becasue he was at LSU behind Chase and Jefferson. Seems to fit our expressed desire for speed and would be available later in the draft.
  6. The Titans probably recommended his medical care and flubbed up his rehab letting him play before he was medically ready. He also got all his injuries while playing for the Titans so they are on the hook for him until he is completely healed and regains his previous form.
  7. This is just speculation, but Lewan hinted at a legal issue coming up. This could be a malpractiice suit which could net at max $2 million(max on most policies), which is peanuts to him, so I would expect him to go for the deep pockets, i.e. Titans. I would expect him at minimum to ask for the money left in his contract. In that case he might as well stay here and play, since he is being paid his full contract as an injury settlement.
  8. Radunz had best OL score other than Jones
  9. If it makes any difference, we got back a 7th round pick in the Daley trade
  10. We don't really have any late round draft picks in rounds 6,7. Don't we still owe a 4 for Julio. Also didn't we spend a 5 for someone? Unless we have some comp pic's we won't have much to work with in the 2023 draft.
  11. I don't want to go in I don't want to go into the Conklin trade too much as that has been over hashed in the past. I was just making the point we have nothing to show for it now, and gave up a 2 and I think a 3 to do it. Also why did we release Saffold other than money. I'm sure he would be doinig better than our little guy.
  12. I've previously supported JRob but I'm having second thoughts now for the following reasons: 1. I think he is 100% in lockstep with Vrabels philosophy of run, run, pass ,punt. 2. His biggest draft losses have come because he trades up too much, thus squandering too many valuable draft picks. He traded up for Evans, Conklin, Landry, Fitzpatrick, Willis among others. Only Landry was worth it. We now have depth problems because of these trades..The worst trade up was for Conklin where he basically gave away a lot of the draft capital we got from trading down from #1 overall. This was especially bad when we let Conklin go for nothing. 3. He doesn't manage the cap well as he is always being forced into losing good players for lack of money .ie Conklin, Brown, Safflold, 4. He lucked into Tannehill but hasn't given him the team he needs to succeed. I can only imagine the state we would be in without Tannehill. We'd probably have a top 10 draft pick every year.
  13. I think you're a week behind. Is it LSD or cannibis?
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