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  1. The solution is simple. 1. Sign Tannehill to a 3 or 4 year contract highly guaranteed with the first year cap hit less than 10 million. 2. Once Tannehill is under contract, sign Brady to a 1 year contract for whatever it takes. This gives us at least one year of Brady to win a Super Bowl and we still have Tannehill available to back up in case of injury or poor performance by Brady. The only unhappy person is Tannehill, but since he signed on the dotted line there is nothing he can do. If everything worked out and we won a Super Bowl, nobody will care and we just made the biggest gamble in NFL history and won. JRob will be hailed as the greatest GM in history and will have the AFC Championship trophy named after him. The 30 million dollar gamble will be more than worth it.
  2. I'm not worried about Tannehill regressing. The reason is his extreme accuracy. Other than Brees, his accuracy trumps almost all the others QB's out there in free agency.
  3. Thanks for the write up. Would like to see you add backup, developmental QB to your post, and would like to see the guys in all categories listed that you don't think we have a chance at, just in case we trade up.
  4. I think Jake Fromm would be an ideal pick in the second or third round, and of course sign Tannehill.
  5. I think we can discount his first draft a little, i.e. Dodd, Johnson, Tretola. It was after that draft that he fired Beddingfield and other members of the scouting staff who were not on the same page as he was in evaluating talent. Since than there are very few big busts, unless you want to call Davis a bust.
  6. I remember Fisher claimed he was studying new offensive concepts after he was fired here, and before the Rams hired him. Unfortunately he almost immediately reverted to his old ways and we saw how that turned out. Now no one will hire him because they are wise to his ways after they saw the Rams implode and then explode with McVay.
  7. I think Henry is a generational talent. No one has done or can do what he does. The only example that could compare to him is Jim Brown(for those of you old enough to remember). When he broke on the scene he was like no other back, he was head and shoulders above anything the NFL had ever seen. he was certainly a generational talent. Gale Sayers was a similar situation, but was a completely different type back, whose career went from a shooting star to a fallen star after his knee injury. To summarize, without Henry we would have been toast by now. We have to resign him if we want to keep our SB window open.
  8. After seeing Tannehill’s performance in that game, I felt that we had possibly found a gem and felt anything was possible if we really had a QB.
  9. Merry Christmas, and a special thanks to Titans Guru for his gift to us all of this board. I pay Rivals $9 per month for my college board, and I probably spend more time on this board, and really can't think of any way it could be improved.
  10. Kearse came in and was the reason we suddenly became good, so I would have to go with him even though Haynesworth in his prime was a difference maker. I don't think adding Haynesworth would get us over the hump, but a Kearse added to Landry would be unbelieveable, as long as Kearse was his early Titan self.
  11. I don’t get why we didn’t sign Maher and drop Santoso, who can’t even get the the ball into the end zone, the only job he was signed to do. Maher has a strong leg and could at least get the KO’s to the end zone. I feel he could also kick the longer field goals better than Santoso or Succup. I really can’t understand why Santoso is still on the roster—it makes about as much sense as starting MM for 6 games. Is there a financial issue?
  12. I was down on Smith earlier in the year, especially after his stupid play calling against Tampa Bay. But over the last 6 wins he has been nothing short of fantastic with his offensive play calling. It's now to the point where GM's are looking only at offensive performance in picking head coaches. If the Titans offense continues at its present level, it wouldn't surprise me at all to see Smith get head coaching consideration. Look at Zac Taylor and LeFleur. They didn't have nearly the results of Smith, they were just lucky enough to be associated with McVay. Now i don't know if Smith has the leadership or gravitas to rock an interview, but if he does its probably goodbye.
  13. Took my children to educate me on the fact the term “orientals” is now politically incorrect. I’ve heard the term oriental for years i.e. “Murder on the Orient Express”, multiple Charley Chan movies, and even an older Chinese women who called herself a “little oriental woman”. The correct term I am informed is ‘Asian”.
  14. I couldn’t believe that Ngakoue got away with that cheap shot move when I saw it on replay at the game. I thought maybe he broke a bone in Lewan. Thank goodness Jones gave him a little payback. To Lewan’s credit he walked away and didn’t retaliate. If the league doesn’t fine Ngakoue, I will have lost faith in their fairness.
  15. Either way, career threatening. If blood supply to hip is compromised, good bye hip.

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