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  1. Too bad he already lives in a no income tax state, or we could use that to get a discounot.
  2. If I remember when we drafted him he was our third choice. Graham and JPP were drafted just ahead of him. JRob would have traded up to get the DE of His choice. The difference in philosophy which will make us great again.
  3. Isn't it illegal to buy or sell organs in this country, has to be a voluntary gift. Also i'm sure he could live a few years on dialysis so I doubt he is in danger of dying.
  4. I live in Davidson Country and the taxes on my home are very reasonable. I saw the dump that was on the east side for the river before the Titans came and I'm sure it would still be there if they hadn't come. I would vote to put a dome on the stadium if given the opportunity. I have to pay for all the social programs in the county. I might as well pay for something I want.
  5. On 5-17 Hamp was waived off IR with an injury settlement, so don’t expect to hear from him again.
  6. Doesn’t Tannehill qualify us for a comp pick? That’s how we get our 4th back.
  7. No, I don’t recall the Titans ever doing this before. I’m all for it if they really think he is that good. I guess in a sense they are doing it with Simmons, but he is a proven quantity.
  8. They must think he's the second coming of Revis to do that. If he is that good why didn't he get drafted. Was he already injured and we told him we would pay him 500K to sign with us.
  9. This Cheevers deal doesn't pass the smell test. If he was put on IR, they would be on the hook for his full salary(what ever the minimal NFL salary is). Why would they do this for an UDFA who has never even practised to show what he can do. Why would they do that when they can just waive him with maybe a small injury settlement?
  10. LOL at firing Fisher being the cause of the Titans downfall. Just because they hired worthless GM's and Coaches after he was fired, doesn't mean things would have been any better if he had stayed. Fisher had no clue about how to run a modern NFL offense. I had to laugh when he said he was going to use his time off after his firing to study NFL offences. How did that work out? Everyone in LA couldn't wait to run him and his archaic offensive philosophy out of town(he did draft a good punter and placekicker though, to maintain his old philosophy of O, proving he hadn't learned a thing). The success of McVay was the biggest indictment of him and his shit show offence ever seen in the modern NFL. I hope he enjoys his retirement as no team in their right minds would hire him as a head coach again.
  11. i hope we don't come in at the end of a run, thats how we got Paul Williams.
  12. Now trade Tannehill and a third for Rosen
  13. I thinkTannehill is jrobs plan for this year. By the way, Adrian Martinez from Nebraska is going to be a hot prospect in 2021.
  14. Love's coach Shaw compared him to CJ2K, which surprised me. We could have a futures draft with Love and Simmonds, and reap the rewards in 2020.
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