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  1. I thinkTannehill is jrobs plan for this year. By the way, Adrian Martinez from Nebraska is going to be a hot prospect in 2021.
  2. Love's coach Shaw compared him to CJ2K, which surprised me. We could have a futures draft with Love and Simmonds, and reap the rewards in 2020.
  3. I think its appropriate to add this quote from Aqib Talib here from NFL Total Access on Monday when talking about Josh Rosen: A QB's success goes hand in hand with who the coordinator is. Look at Jared Goff's situation. QB and coordinator, it depends on if they mesh or not. The negative energy that came from others surrounding Jared Goff, he was a bust and all this. Then Sean comes in and he is one of the best QB's in the league--he runs the show, he takes charge of the huddle and you didn't see that year one with "Fish". Its the coordinator, you've got to coordinate.
  4. On Path To The Draft today, the Titans were featured. Joel Klatt stated that Mariota was a generational talent when he came out of Oregon. He blames his lack of support from the organization including the 5 different OC's. He states we should take the best WR in the draft who he feels is Hollywood Brown, to give him what he has not yet had, a good supporting cast. I am aware that the anti-8 faction here will strongly disagree.
  5. I didn't realize that the Vikings signed Josh Klein for 3 years and $15.75 million. No wonder he didn't take a pay cut here.
  6. There will not be an OL drafted in first round.
  7. There is too much DL talent out there to even consider a TE. If you could guarantee that Hock would be a Gronk you could consider him in one, but there are guarantees of that . Just look at the franchis tag for a TE vs a pass rusher and you have your answer as to why no TE in one.
  8. When I see analysts raving about a player like Hochenson, I can't help but see the ghost of Warmack, Mr. best player in the draft, Mr. can't miss, Mr overrated. Please, no Hockenson. We need to take a player from a position group that has a high priced cap average. and save the lower priced position groups until later in the draft.
  9. I would trade for Rosen from ARI if it didn't cost more than a second. If Mariota explodes, we at worst have a great backup/developmental QB who we can trade for a kings ransom if he develops. At worst if Mariota is injured or busts out, we have our QB of the future without wasting a #1pick.
  10. Mariota is much more valuable to another team if we release him, as they can give him a low ball contract. If he is not released and traded instead, he can hold out for the franchise tag and force his new team to either have to franchise him or release him. That ruins his trade value unless he agrees to a cheap contract before the trade.
  11. Didn’t Fisher get divorced along the way? You can cut his net worth by 2/3rds right there.
  12. Let’s see, it took Eddie to coach up Henry to play up to his potential? Who is our RB coach, since this makes him look incompetent. I’m sure he loves reading this narrative.
  13. I don’t know who the QB coach is, but in view of all the sacks Mariota took it wouldn’t surprise me to see him fired. There is no excuse for not coaching Mariota how to avoid sacks by dumping the ball off, throwing it away, or falling down ala Peyton Manning.
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