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  1. Any GM that drafts an asthmatic high to a position requiring stamina is incompetent—Whoops, I forgot that ours was.
  2. Paints him as incompetent which surprises me. We really haven't heard much from him since he was hired.
  3. ?Jared on 102.5 is really trashing RC
  4. Atlanta Falcons really blew there good draft positions on TE and RB. Why are teams so stupid when even us regular Joe fans could do better.
  5. He lucked out with Ruhle. since he was immediately hired by Nebraska for over 9 million negating further payments to Ruhle. He won't be so lucky with Reich.
  6. +Willis would be a lot cheaper on his rookie contract. Tannehill would require 8-10 million, if he would even take that.
  7. I agree, its not a good look to boo one of your players. I think now that its clear Malik won't be replacing Levis, I see no reason to boo him.
  8. The best thing about today is that I don't have to hope for a high draft pick in order to get a good QB. I can root 100% for a win every week!
  9. Thanks Charley, very helpful.
  10. Is there a place where there is a comprehensive list of each teams signed UDFA players. The hodge podge here is a little confusing.
  11. Maybe his arms are short,but I've never seen arms with a bigger circumference due to muscle. That has to count for something. It's not going to be easy to get by him.
  12. Is Ossenfort getting revenge for not getting the Titans job?
  13. Not sure why Trey Palmer doesn't get any hype here as at least a mid round pick. He ran a 4.33 40 and set receiving records at Nebraska of all places, after transferring there for one year becasue he was at LSU behind Chase and Jefferson. Seems to fit our expressed desire for speed and would be available later in the draft.
  14. The Titans probably recommended his medical care and flubbed up his rehab letting him play before he was medically ready. He also got all his injuries while playing for the Titans so they are on the hook for him until he is completely healed and regains his previous form.
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