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  1. Either way, career threatening. If blood supply to hip is compromised, good bye hip.
  2. Not as bad as a hip fracture, but not good none the less.
  3. They discussed the new trend in QB's in the NFL on the Herd. You can no longer succeed with a pocket passer only in today's NFL. A number one requirement is athleticism (think Mahones, Jackson, Burrow, Tua and in our case--Tannehill). If your QB is going to be a statue in the pocket, he better be Brady or P. Manning. I don't know the athletic abilities of the QB's in the draft, but GM's had better take that into consideration. One reason the QB's need to be more athletic is because the OL's coming out of college are so poor so even at the NFL level, the QB's need to know how to run for their lives.
  4. QB's are going 1,2,3 in the next draft, and we won't get any of the top 3.
  5. Anyone know what happened to that cat. My wife, an ardent cat lover, wants to know.
  6. I'm willing to give Lewan a little more time before throwing him under the bus. He needs an off season to build up his strength to the level it was on peds, if indeed he was a heavy ped user and not just an accidental user as he claims.
  7. We are not going to find a better QB on the market (free agent or trade) than Tannehill. We'd be crazy not to sign him. We've already paid for him--4th round pick. If we take off our Mariota rose colored glasses we could all see this. I listened to Beddingfield evaluate Tannehill on 104.5 today, and as usual he gave a very biased opinion through his rose colored Mariota and opaque anti-JRob glasses. He criticized his interceptions and ability to manipulate the pocket. I have seen just the opposite. His accuracy negates a lot of interceptions and I've been pleasantly surprised at how few interceptions he has had under the circumstances. I think his interception in the Denver game has to be thrown out due to the desperation of the situation and of course the interception off AJ Brown's hand shouldn't count. Despite all this he has a QB rating of about 100 which is excellent. As far as his movement in the pocket, I find his ability to move and buy time to be outstanding. Yes he takes an occasional sack which some would say should be avoided by throwing the ball away, but I would rather he keep trying to complete a pass. At least he doesn't curl up into a cocoon like Mariota did at the first sign of any pressure. I agree with drafting a QB, but good luck to any rookie playing better than RT.
  8. I knew Oakland drafting Clellin Farrell was a mistake, though I thought maybe they knew something I didn’t. Nope, I was right. Mayock should be fired over that draft pick alone.
  9. One of the funniest plays I saw Lewan involved in was the play where Tannehill was almost sacked, but was able to break away for a good gain. The reason he wasn’t sacked was because Lewan grabbed the guy who was in the process of tackling RT and pulled him off. He wrapped both arms around him from behind and pulled him away from him. I had never seen such a thing. For some reason the refs didn’t notice and no penalty was called.
  10. I think we will be picking 10-15 so the only QB's that might be there are the flawed ones. I'm beginning to be intrigued by Fromm if he comes out, as he beat out some good competition, but doesn't seem to be talked about as a top prospect. Is it possible he could be a Brees?
  11. This pretty much exposes Vrabel's ultra conservative offensive philosophy. I finally came to the point that I felt Fisher needed to go for this reason, and unless Vrabel loosens up, it may be time for him to go. It was refreshing to see Carolina not go conservative near the end of the game, resulting in an insurance touchdown, which probably won the game for them. Why is it that defensive minded coaches (except Belichek) are always this way? I''m beginning to think that Vrabel is forcing Smith to come up with the conservative game plans that he has been following.
  12. Tannehill is the only real QB I've seen play for the Titans since Hasselback, and unfortunately he was washed up, but still played better that any QB we have had since McNair. He and RT are in a class by themselves after McNair, and RT is still very superior to the Hasselback we had.
  13. Boy was I wrong about him, couldn't see spending a first round pick on a slow part-time running back.
  14. Have a committee of Mods freeze(short term) the posting privileges of anyone they deem to be a troll. Right now there are a group of Mariota fanboys who are nothing but trolls and just clutter up the board. As a rule though, I favor an unmoderated board as it has been.
  15. Taylor Lewan is right up there near the top of reasons we lost.