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  1. And yet couldn’t do anything offensively vs the Chiefs. That stat is worthless honestly
  2. exactly this X 100. Titans style of offense just isn’t sustainable long term
  3. well teams aren't to win that way now and that Ravens defense was legendary.....that Ravens offense just needed to make plays when they were there to be made. Titans right now have a very much lacking defense. So they better try and evolve their offense or continue to never win the big game
  4. Entire BLM and social justice is total bullshit. Drew Brees should have never apologized
  5. no way in hell is Butler a top 12 corner. On a good secondary he's CB3
  6. idk if he's a true #1 corner but he is a good player and the only good player outside of maybe Kevin Byard the secondary has
  7. sure but a team hasn't won a Super Bowl playing that style of ball and that's what it's all about
  8. Smith is great after the catch but he’s only an average receiving tight end but it also might be the shitty offense he plays in.
  9. Henry has probably only 1 great season left in him and after that it’s all downhill for him due to age and wear and tear due to his running style. Titans have not done a good job at all at becoming a pass first team and this is why they will never win a Super Bowl
  10. Titans aren’t winning both games vs the Colts. Colts own the Titans franchise and our only wins vs them are when they have a lot of injuries or were tanking.
  11. Guy had a great 2018 but was absolute garbage in 2019 and earned the nickname burnt toast because that’s what he was in most games.
  12. Dean Pees was trash with his lack of blitzing, I want a much more aggressive scheme because that got us killed vs Mahomes.
  13. Little worse, last year was the year and they didn’t cash in.
  14. Simmons will never be able to rush the passer like Casey could but he will be a much better run stuffer

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