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  1. I’ve become a beast in Madden during this Quarantine never got into COD because I always thought it’s where the shitty Halo players gamed
  2. same here, next years team looks like 8-8 at the very best
  3. they aren’t getting better, at this point it looks like they will be worse. That’s why last season was so important and they tanked it vs the Chiefs
  4. Meh signing, I’ll take it I guess. Titans really need to address less rush and all forms of defense in the draft
  5. He sucked anyway, will not be pissed.
  6. win what though? This roster still has a lot of weaknesses mainly pass rush, secondary, WR, and pass blocking
  7. until the Titans become more of a passing team then they will never be true Super Bowl contenders
  8. Entire secondary needs overhauled. Only serviceable player is Adoree and he’s injury prone. Entire draft should be defensive picks honestly
  9. Dobbins is not a 3 down back. He has awful hands and while he’s shifty as hell he doesn’t have long speed while being undersized
  10. Roethlisberger is coming back next season so that’s another team the Titans will not be able to beat. Titans missed their small sliver of a window this season
  11. Unbelievable choke job by San Francisco
  12. yep. Choked on defense that drive
  13. this game illustrates just how far Away the Titans are from having a real defense
  14. he’s not wrong. Tannehill cannot throw without the help of the play action pass

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