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  1. How many backups were the Patriots playing through?
  2. Even on Mariotas completions he just doesn’t have zip with the ball and allow his WRs to make any plays on the run. Every game with him starting this season is a lost game for the offense. Vrabel better get out ahead of this or criticism will be on him as well
  3. Doesn’t matter.....Tannehill didn’t either and looked twice as good. Tannehill passes the look test as an NFL QB and Mariota does not
  4. Agreed, this is the most passing i've seen from the Titans in a loooong time
  5. Safe to say Tannehill needs to be the starter, if Mariota starts week 1 this team will automatically be 2 steps behind starting the season
  6. Taywan Taylor and Mariota are both fucking worthless
  7. Sounds like Mariota is still a worthless clown of a QB
  8. This is why the Titans offense really sucks.....until the team moves into the modern era of football they will continue to be an absolute joke of a franchise
  9. Was fairly excited for this seasons game but the rosters recently came out and the Titans are one of the bottom half of teams in the game..... This is supposed to be our best roster since 2008 so what gives?
  10. Yes I was never sold on him as a QB. Lacked arm strength and scrambling ability
  11. This draft could not have been any better tbh, Titans did all the things they needed to do. Jon Robinson is a monster now it's up to Vrabel and Mariota to capitalize.
  12. Most talented roster since 2008? Anyone agree??
  13. True but i think Finch is better than Landry
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