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  1. If he was running with the 1's today then I expect him to play at least 50% of the defensive snaps. Also need Chris Jackson back, that would help against all of those Pitt WRs
  2. if the defense can just be average then this team could be legit. Right now they are just an above average team
  3. Hahaha I love it! No doubt that the best coaches come from Ohio.
  4. Good God Wilson looks like a freak of nature and absolute prototypical offensive tackle
  5. unfortunately this. Titans are not on the Steelers levers, not even close really.
  6. No. I expect teams to convert every time and Titans to only stop teams when they have their own execution trouble
  7. Chiefs got twice as much pressure on Josh Allen than the Titans did. If the pass rush hasn’t worked yet then it won’t work against the rapist QB and his pocket maneuverability. This is going to be another long game for the defense but what game isn’t? Better hope the offense can put up over 30 points because if not then count this as a big L.
  8. For as good as the 2019 class was the 2020 class is looking completely opposite and very bad. Gotta be able to put together multiple great draft classes if you want to have long term success
  9. The Chiefs have over 400 yards of offense and have had little issues. Buffalo is also used to playing in this type of weather and at home. Titans offense alone makes them a top 10 team but they can’t be any higher than that when the defense is a massive black hole. I see teams struggling left and right but when they play the Titans they have a field day
  10. Watching this game only proves the Titans have got to have the absolute worst defense in the NFL. Chiefs have held the Bills under 180 yards of total offense while the Bills went up and down the field vs Tennessee. It was the turnovers that did them in
  11. Henry is better. CJ could never get the tough yards that Henry can. They both are home run hitters. Henry is setting himself up as a top 5 back all time
  12. Butler has been ass this season, yes he needs to go. Also it's time for Wilson to step up and show why he was a first rounder
  13. I wish the Titans could pressure half as well as the Chiefs do
  14. The Chiefs pressure so much more and better than the Titans do, if they have even a decent defense then nobody is beating them again. They look miles better than anyone else
  15. No way the Steelers can cover these guys as long as we can block them

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