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  1. If I were KC I would be run blitzing every single running down with 1 or 0 coverage and force Tannehill and the WRs to beat you
  2. Patriots and Ravens both haven’t done it yet and their game plans have failed so what makes you think the Chiefs are gonna replciate that?
  3. Exactly, Chiefs will put 8 in the box and take Henry away. Time for Tannehill to step up and win a game for us
  4. Why do our receivers struggle to get open compared to other teams?? Becoming a disturbing trend with this team
  5. What really worries me is the only offense we've played recently that resembles the Chiefs we have been absolutely shredded by (Saints). Never had any answers for their pass happy offense
  6. Passing game just isn’t there to be considered great. Cannot be one dimensional and be a great team
  7. Jayon Brown is much more important, any good updates on him??
  8. exactly, don’t see how the Titans stop them unless they all of a sudden became much more aggressive but doubtful considering it’s been a very soft/safe defense thus far which doesn’t work against Mahomes. Gotta challenge the guy....
  9. Titans are much better on both lines honestly but their receivers are so fast and our pass defense is pretty atrocious. If we had Malcolm Butler healthy I’d be feeling good. You need 3 good corners to contain them and Titans have one and Ryan has been average this season
  10. true he will be better but Casey is gonna be worse due to age. Need to draft just about all defense this upcoming draft
  11. Titans need to develop a dominant passing game if they want consistency. A dominant running game can only last 2-3 years tops
  12. Really sucks that the Titans best shot is this season. I don’t see Henry maintaining this level of greatness for very long and our passing game is trash. At least our defense is fairly young
  13. Agreed. Tannehill cannot throw without the benefit of the play action pass, we've seen him in shot gun drop backs without PA and it's not good

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