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  1. Still got out gained yardage wise by the Colts and Chiefs. Offense is definitely good but not great
  2. Raideds defense is pretty bad. Pretty amazing turn around for the defense in the second half
  3. Tannehill is so damn good, Vrabel should be fired for starting Mariota over him as long as he did
  4. Would be a surprise if the Titans win this. That turnover at the beginning just killed them
  5. IDGAF, if you’re any good at all you hold this inept offense below 20 points
  6. Getting shredded by an Oakland team that hasn’t done anything offensively in recent
  7. problem is the team doesn’t have a defense and the offense while it has gotten better isn’t good enough to out score teams
  8. Said it all year, this defense is absolute trash.
  9. And people say I’m trolling lol. Most non biased people out there would all for sure say those teams are better outside of maybe Pittsburgh but the Steelers do have a much better defense no doubt about that
  10. Titans defense is not good at all, average at best and I said it all year. Today proved it. Houston should rack up 500 yards of offense in both games
  11. Lol.......Houston, NE, Baltimore, Buffalo are all much better. Steelers probably better too
  12. He isn’t providing anything of a pass rush though. Team doesn’t have any pass rushers along the line
  13. Stop doing slow developing plays, Colts are too fast to do that BS against