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  1. Re: Jeffereson - I watched a few minutes of OTA’s on Tuesday in the parking lot across from Baptist Sports Park. Couldn’t see much of what was going on, but on one of the plays Wright make a diving catch from Locker. Jefferson hits the ground next to Wright and together they get up and run toward the end zone. Might sound a little silly from my description, but I thought it was cool.
  2. http://www.musiccitymiracles.com/2011/12/12/2630354/tennessee-titans-javon-ringer-likely-out-for-season If so, I'm definitely curious to see what we have in Jamie Harper.
  3. Winning this game would be huge. This would be another signature win for the season (like the Ravens game) and would inspire some confidence for the fan base and the team. No doubt it would be nice to see our crowd get involved. I've only been to one game this season, but the past few years there seem to be a lot of moments during the game where you look around the stadium and wonder why the hell nobody seems to give a damn. I dunno, I can't help but scream and act like a moron at games. That being said, for TN to have a chance, they obviously have to play one of their best games of the season and probably could use a couple lucky bounces or maybe another big special teams play? It seems like the past few games there have been a lot opportunities like tipped balls and dropped ints that they couldn't quite take advantage of. Problem is NOs offense is just ridiculously good and I could see Brees and Jimmy Graham making our defense us look really bad.
  4. Sworded, I'm with you on Dwayne Allen. Is he being projected as a first rounder?
  5. HasselbAck? But yeah, agreed. He's playing great.
  6. Didn't somebody recently post something about the staff giving the team a bit of a history lesson on the franchise? Maybe Munch was referring to before the "history lessong" was given.
  7. Ha, Plaster. Total stooge. He;s probably a good dude, but such a cornball.
  8. Happy birthday man. And like everybody has said, it is very cool of you to put in so much work for all of us.
  9. Pretty sure I remember Dan Patrick talking about Cowherd being a fan of that creepy Joel Osteen guy. And I hate his voice, kinda like the radio equivalent of Guy Fieri. I do my best to dodge all-things Cowherd.
  10. Absolutely, go out and drinketh the whiskeys!
  11. Yes, I had this a couple months ago. I liked it...it was like a sour mash meets a Scotch. But, my wife hated it and thought it tasted like dirt. Her sense of taste and smell is a lot better than mine. What liquor store do you own. btw? Anyhoo, what are you folks' preferences? Whiskey: Bourbon/sour mash,Irish, Scotch Rum Gin Rum - made from sugar, aged in an oak barrel, like whiskey Rye - the majority of the grain content is rye (in addition to corn,barley) Scotch - I recently learned scotch is actually a variation of the Irish whiskey recipe. The difference being Scotch dries the malted barley with peat, giving the whiskey the pronounced peat flavor. There are tons of different Scotch whiskys, broken down into regions of where they're distilled in Scotland. Bourbon - an American style whiskey that must be distilled in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Generally made from corn and barley. Where Rye whiskey is mostly made up of rye, bourbon is mostly made up of corn. Speaking of, I would totally recommend visiting the Jack Daniels distillery if you're ever in or around Nashville. I'm not the biggest JD fan, but by the end of the tour, you'll learn a lot, but mostly it's amazing how bad you'll want to drink some whiskey.
  12. This is what I've been wondering. If he crushed the blunt, or whatever is being reported, it's not like the evidence would disappear. Am I missing something here?
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