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  1. Okay... sound answer. In any event, a sincere thank you for knocking off Seattle. Feel free to beat LA as well.
  2. Two weeks in, having played both teams, I'm interested in your impressions. Do you think: A. Titans just weren't ready for Week 1 vs. Arizona. B. Seattle isn't as good as Arizona, and the results showed. C. Some combination thereof I'd like to think B, as a Cardinal homer, but maybe a little bit of A? Having watched Dalvin Cook run through our defense for an entire half was unsettling. Nothing against Dalvin Cook- he's a very solid back, but he's not King Henry.
  3. We beat them in Seattle several times over the last few years. 2 years ago, we beat them with Kyler out and our backup playing QB. The year before that we almost beat them w/ Josh Rosen- lost on last play FG.
  4. C'mon guys... lets have some optimism and enthusiasm up in here!!! There is reason for hope.... 1. Seattle's defense is a hot bowl o' mess. The Legion of Boom is long gone. And they struggle vs. the run. This would be an ideal time to get #22 going. Gash their D, and get some sustained drives going to keep their offense off the field. Jamal Adams is legit...that's about all they have. Second, they have a horrible O-line. You have got to get pressure on Wilson and get him in some uncomfortable down & distance situations. If he has time, he'll kill ya. I wish I could sa
  5. here's a pic I took with the family I tailgated with. Good times.
  6. Thank you! I will probably do just that. The Titans are going to face every team in the NFC West this year, with Seattle next week. It'll be interesting, I think to hear this fanbase's perspective on how we stack up. It's fascinating to me that this year the Cardinals play the AFC South and NFC North, and between those two divisions, the Houston Texans are the only team to taste Week 1 victory. I think, fairly confidently, that we'd all agree Houston is the worst team in the NFL. ( I still marvel at them giving us Hopkins for David Johnson- and Bill O'Brien swears he doesn't use drugs) I th
  7. I didn't. I'm vaccinated and am scheduled for my follow up booster.
  8. I disagree, but oh well. I'll say this.. I'd rather have our secondary than yours.
  9. I find it fascinating how people make definitive statements about things they don't know based on what?? Did our secondary look horrendous to you? You probably know nothing or very little about him, but #7 Byron Murphy Jr. is a fantastic shut down corner. He was making plays all day long. Budda Baker is an All- Pro and arguably the best safety in the league.
  10. Seattle is the worst team in the division. Russell Wilson will win them some games, but their defense is garbage. It was last year, and they haven't really added anyone. Additionally, their O-line is a mess. Eventually, when they face a team with a good defensive line (ie every other team in the division) they'll get exposed. Right now..as much as I hate them, I think the Rams are probably the frontrunners due to their defense. Their issue is depth- anyone gets hurt, they have nothing behind them. SF is the worst team in the division in terms of QB play, we'll have to see how that plays out
  11. Thanks for letting me join your page! Although I didn't get any takers on my quest for a tailgate here, I did manage to get an invite off the Titans Facebook Page, so I met a great family of Titan fans and had a wonderful Sunday in Nashville!! For starters.. I loved the city.. people were super friendly, and the food!!! I had Hattie B's & Central BBQ while I was in town from Arizona and WOW... that was spectacular. I'll give Nissan Stadium a "meh" as a venue- probably because I'm used to State Farm Stadium and air conditioning. Getting a lemonade at halftime was an epic adventure.
  12. Oh my lord in heaven! I was able to secure a tailgate with a family of Titan's fans from a Titans Facebook page. Thanks everyone. I am really looking forward to my visit to Nashville. I work weekends, remotely, so other than Gameday and a quick trip to Hattie B's, I will be in room working. It is what it is. As for the other thing.... I don't want to talk about the other thing. I'm sick to death of it. I work in healthcare, here in AZ, and I was among the 1st wave of vaccinated individuals. I will be among the 1st wave to get my booster when it becomes available. I comply with all the
  13. I honestly don't understand the comments about his accuracy. I have watched every game he's played in the NFL and he's been above average in my estimation. Are we confusing him for Josh Rosen?
  14. AJ Green is going to open eyes around the league. He looked great in camp. If teams want to focus on DHop, he's gonna have a big year. Also, don't sleep on Rondale Moore. He's extremely dangerous with the ball in his hands. We're gonna be getting him involved as well.
  15. He is adorable. especially when he is leaping over 3 defenders for game winning touchdown passes. I find that especially endearing.
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