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  1. Give it a rest. People just want to look at box scores.
  2. Wentz' numbers are moreso a product of talent and excellent offensive coaching. See: Nick Foles.
  3. Imagine gloating about the fact that the front office that drafted Wentz wanting to give him a huge deal to anoint him validates your point that he's a top tier QB. Let's see if he's even healthy enough to live up to that contract, let alone his actual ability. At least the Titans can get off Mariota if he continues to get hurt.
  4. So Tanehill is good at throwing to open receivers? Not sure how good he'd be here. But in all seriousness Tanehill is massively underrated. I think both our QBs are.
  5. Dak is no superstar but he went from overrated to underrated. It's hilarious that people think Wentz is some prodigy and Dak is a below average starter.
  6. If the criticism of Mariota is that he's injury prone and needs to get better letting the ball rip and/or working in the pocket with average to below average offensive line, then I agree with you. If the criticism is that he can't see the field, I'm not going to agree with him. Dan literally said the OC should never let MM drop back to pass and just have him on the move and throw from different launch angles, etc. because he's such an elite athlete. For one, Mariota is one of the more accurate QBs and he sees the field just fine. Second and more importantly, has he seen Mariota play? He's basically awful whenever he tries to throw on the move and while he's fast, he has 0 lateral quickness or agility. He wouldn't even be able to juke me out.
  7. Simms doesn't even watch film. And if he does, he's very bad at analyzing it. Whenever he talks about Mariota he just brings up his stats. He's no better than Oman. He thinks Jameis can still be a great QB.
  8. The most important trait a QB needs is accuracy and even with injuries Mariota is one of the better ones at it. It's the orgs job to build around him and consistently get him some help other than one receiver instead of constantly building the defense. Don't complain about QB play when you have only built one side on the team historically Again this year MMs expectations are high because they did get some help for once. We'll see what happens.
  9. Even in good games where Mariota makes subtle pocket movements and throws anticipatory throws, Cosell barely acknowledges it and still runs his narrative that he "isn't a pocket passer." Yet he will credit other QBs when they have actual good offensive line play. He has his narrative as do most of us, I guess.
  10. Mariota was one of the two best players on our offense. That's how pathetic our offense was. Hopefully it's improved now with Saffold and Humphries and Delanie back. Cosell thinks MM is a gimmick QB just because he couldn't put up high numbers in an offense which no QB could put up high numbers.
  11. Just hope the Jags offense continues to be inept. Because that defense will be scary.
  12. True but I'd still rather that be the case than make this super awkward.
  13. You would think if they were actually dumb enough to draft Lock, they would at least tell MM and tell him it's probably best to sit this one out.
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