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  1. I came on here again after like two weeks and you're still making the same argument almost word for word lol. I may disagree with you but I actually respect your persistence on this. I was way too tired to argue about this topic anymore and admitted defeat.
  2. Brady was incredible today running the ball and playing defense.
  3. From what I remember, what was happening in 2017 was the same thing happening in weeks 1-12 this season. The opposing defensive line was getting in our backfield almost immediately and gave Murray almost 0 room to run.
  4. Why wasn't the OL and running game as good in 2017 then?
  5. Mahomes has great talent around him and was developed under one of the best but independent of those factors he is elite. He's very very good. So sure, Mariota isn't as good as Mahomes. At least you used Mahomes and not someone like Goff.
  6. I hope you're just being facetious. The one time he had anything elite was the OL in 2016 and that was supposedly his best season. I guarantee if the OL and running game were as consistently good this year as it was in 2016, Mariota would be just as good as he was in 2016 if not better. He would also be less likely to keep getting reinjured.
  7. Receivers not being open and not throwing it does not equal not being able to throw with anticipation. He does have anticipation. When a play breaks down and receivers are completely covered you can't really "throw with anticipation." You can either try to dodge pass rushers and wait for someone to get open, throw it away, or force a 20/80 ball into coverage. He doesn't do any of that. If he had more rapport with his receivers like he had with Delanie, maybe things would be different. But he does throw with anticipation. Look at some of the throws he made in the Dallas game, the Pats game, the Jets game, the Texans game. In that Texans MNF game he only completed like 5 throws greater than 5 yards but they were all completely with anticipation because nothing was schemed open deep. Remember that 43 yard TD to CD? Look at where he winds up to throw. It's way before Davis broke the cut for his route.
  8. I agree with you about the fact that he's hesitant when he doesn't have a guy open and that will lead to a sack which will eventually lead to injuries. Also agree with you on his overrated running ability - he's only fast in a straight line, he's not elusive. Disagree about the other points but no point going back and forth for the umpth time so we'll just see how it plays out next year.
  9. So because in the first year away from the Mularkey era he didn't have great improvement (mostly related to his injury), that means he can never be a guy who can succeed in a more aggressive passing style? He's had most of his success when there's a heavy passing attack and he's able to get into a rhythm . He's had most of his weaknesses when we predictably run the ball on early downs and only give him 3rd and long to throw the ball. The problem with the Mularkey era was his inability to adjust. In 2016 the offensive line and running game were very good. Demarco would get plenty of yardage on early downs and that made it easier for Mariota (as it would any QB) to move the chains. In 2017 when the running game became less effective, Mularkey insisted on this game plan which left constant 3rd and longs asking Mariota to bail him out. Mularkey/Robiskie weren't creative enough to open up the offense. Even this past year, MLF was forced to use this strategy because MM didn't have feeling in his throwing hand. Mariota was constantly in 3rd and long situations and that's why our offense struggled.
  10. Lol dude you're so full of it. Two things can be true: our receivers are bad and extremely young AND Mariota needs to play better. Stop lying and saying we have all this elite talent that's being held back because of our dum dum QB.
  11. I love the narrative that Mariota's the only one going through different offensive systems and so the failure of the offense is him not picking up on it. Sure, it doesn't help a young QB having different offensive systems/OC's, but I think having continuity is a lot more important for the receivers than it is for Mariota. JRob said it himself when he said Mariota is a smart kid who can learn a new system but he wants to make sure the team has continuity for all the guys involved. Aside from Mariota's injuries which have been his biggest derailment, the offense's issues stem from a group of young, below average/inexperienced receivers having to learn a new system along with their QB. That creates constant communication errors between QB and receivers and limited rapport. This is also why Mariota is reluctant to throw the ball. He has no feel for his receivers or their trends.
  12. To be honest Mariota would say something positive about literally anyone they chose.
  13. In this same article you guys are nitpicking it even says receivers weren't getting open, so his main problem is trying to run instead of throwing it away. That's the main issue with Mariota. He doesn't take risks. But it's not like he's missing wide open receivers consistently. To say we have a lot of talent here on the offensive side of the football is just not true. What is true is that our passing offense should still be better even with our below average skills players. And I think that has to do with his nerve injury. His main issue right now is staying healthy. If he can't stay healthy he misses practice and game time and can't get any rapport with our receivers. So he doesn't even take risks throwing the ball.
  14. So this shows what we all already knew. He should have thrown it away or took more risks when his reads aren't open instead of taking a sack. That's definitely the smart thing to do and it possibly would have kept him from re injury. He definitely takes a lot of blame there and needs to improve that desperately. I wish Mike also broke down how much time he had to throw before pressure got to him and how that compared to the rest of the league. Mike did however mention that receivers weren't getting open which caused the timidness from Mariota and the sacks issues in the first place. To act like Mariota was holding back some elite offense because instead of taking a sack, he threw it away or forced a ball into coverage, is kind of silly. Reasons are offense was so poor, especially in the beginning of the season were: Mariota's nerve injury, young receivers learning a new system and not having a trusted receiver in Delanie, OL allowing pressure, and Mariota playing way too conservative and not putting pressure on defenses.
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