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  1. I mean, Tannehill is a good QB imo but he hasn't lit the world on fire. He was excellent against the Chargers consistently hitting guys in tight windows. Against the Bucs he was pretty bad against a bad defense and was gifted two touchdowns by Jameis. Against the Panthers, not great. Against the Chiefs it was the Henry show. I do think that he's been great in clutch situations so far. which is important But this board is so anti-Mariota so of course they're going to get overly excited about him. That being said, I do think Tannehill is a good QB and I'd resign him at $25 mil/year if need be. He's better than any rookie we'd get in the mid-late first round and unless we get Bridgewater, better than any off season QB that is available.
  2. You're really going to ask this question on this board and expect an answer other than Mariota is the worst QB in the league?
  3. It's funny how you used to be a huge MM guy but have completely turned on him because Tannehill played one good game when he took over and the offense has still looked like crap even against bad defenses like Tampa Bay let alone a good defense like Carolina.
  4. Vrabel should be fired and we should hire an actual offensive coach. Vrabel has no idea what he's doing.
  5. Succop is awful just like the coaching staff.
  6. Need a TD against this scrub TB defense now.
  7. Weren't people criticizing Mariota in the Browns game for only scoring TDs when the defense gave the offense the ball in the red zone?
  8. Jameis single-handedly gifted us 14 points. Incredible.
  9. It's funny cause I could say you do the exact same thing. The whole year you said if Tannehill sucks too it doesn't mean there's a problem with the coaching/OL!
  10. Tannehill is a pretty decent QB, and if he sucks, we'll just keep pointing the finger at the QB position? No, this has more to due with the type of offense we run and our overpaid OL. If Ryan Tannehill succeeds against good defenses like the Panthers or Saints this year then it has more to do with how underrated he was. He was in awful situations in Miami too, which is why I do have some confidence in him.

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