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  1. Given all the hype, Browns offense has been underwhelming so far.
  2. Love how you guys call people idiots yet post stuff like this.
  3. Daniel Jones is New York's new Porzingis
  4. I honestly think it'd be better for both QBs if a trade was made.
  5. If Mariota sucks as bad as everyone thinks they should be hoping he keeps playing so we keep losing games and can get a high draft pick. Tannehill may or may not be slightly better but let's get real this isn't Mahomes or Rodgers. We're at best a fringe playoff team with either MM or Tanny at the helm, and that's with Lewan being back. If the coaches honestly think they're being held back so bad by MM that they think this offense can be good enough to make a deep playoff run with Tanny then not making the switch to Tanny is a fireable offense.
  6. Colts look good. Their D and OL is legit.
  7. The way you make him sound.. sounds like a high school QB. If that's really what he is then it's an indictment on the organization to not simply cut him after last season.
  8. I've also always been confused about the "homer" accusations. Isn't saying there's nothing else wrong in the organization except for one guy the most homer position of all?
  9. It's not surprising and I understand where they are coming from, but it has gotten a bit irrational. Starting from preseason unless Mariota played like a top QB consistently he was going to be butchered. Any mistakes were going to be super magnified now on this board because of the last two seasons, and you combine that with him starting off the season with one very bad game and two so-so games and the team is 1-2 and you have the board melted down calling him a JV QB. This is all happening with Mariota not having any interceptions. Can you imagine the board reaction once he throws a pick? Also, the whole media coddling him is also not true. Maybe some of the local media gives him a pass, but the national media thinks he's garbage. They just don't talk about it repeatedly because no one cares about the Titans. And at least on fan forums of other teams such as the Bucs and the Bears there's at least 50% of the posters defending their QB. Here you can count on one hand the number of posters not calling him an absolute scrub.
  10. Which team says no? Maybe we can even throw in a pick.
  11. I think the Titans plan is to actually throw the ball downfield to convert 2nd and 3rd and longs. Also, I saw him check down for 3 yard passes plenty of times yesterday. And most of the board was complaining about not throwing the ball downfield.
  12. Minshew made a few really nice throws but most of his day was checking it down. They were like 2 for 10 on 3rd downs. The biggest positive was that he didn't turn the ball over. Also our pass rush is a disappointment. We put no pressure on QBs.
  13. These are slow developing routes because we were routinely in 2nd and long and 3rd and long. Even Aikman who doesn't think much of Mariota was saying the line needed to give him more time for routes to develop. This is what happens when making dumb penalties against elite defenses. You're behind the sticks and it's almost impossible to recover from.