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  1. First of all that list was from last year. Luck hadn't even been playing. Cian thinks Luck is a football prodigy.
  2. Lol. Love how this author's argument against him is basically "I'm sure Cian has watched way more all-22 film than me, but.. but...he's just wrong and I know it! I mean look at the box score stats!"
  3. https://presnapreads.com/marcus-mariota-is-the-nfls-best-passer-in-obvious-passing-situations/ "The national narrative on Mariota is that he’s a running quarterback, an athlete more than a technically astute or particularly accurate passer. It’s an easy narrative to push when you don’t pay close attention to what’s actually happening on the field. Being fast in a straight line rarely factors into your ability to convert behind the down-and-distance consistently. A quarterback with these charting results is a quarterback who is excelling mentally and technically while throwing the ball with anticipation and precision. That’s not something you can say about Jared Goff, but Goff plays for Sean McVay with Todd Gurley and Andrew Whitworth and Rodger Saffold and Robert Woods and Brandin Cooks and Cooper Kupp and a whole cast of better players in his supporting cast who both help him in these situations and keep him out of these situations." "When the foundation of an offense regularly asks this much of the quarterback, his numbers aren’t going to be as high as his peers who are put in positions to make simple throws that turn into huge gains over and over again."
  4. The Patriots have a great offensive system which gets guys open quickly and Tom Brady has decades of experience perfecting that system. Everything is timed and in rhythm and Brady is very accurate on short and intermediate throws. Not every QB, even the great ones like Rodgers, Peyton, etc. could perfect the system the way Brady has. And this isn't even to say Brady can't make accurate throws downfield because he clearly can and is great. That being said, I would argue it's easier to have success in that type of system, especially for someone like Mariota who has good accuracy and has experience playing and excelling in a system, albeit on the collegiate level, where everything was quick and based on timing and rapport with his receivers. If he was in New England, the entire offensive philosophy would change to play to his actual strengths (unlike in Tennessee) and he would be playing under better offensive coaches. Not to mention the OL would always be top notch due to Dante Scarnecchia. Not saying he or anyone else would be able to be even close to as great as Brady was in that system, but I think it would be hard for any QB, especially someone like Mariota who seemingly fits that system like a glove, to not have success there.
  5. Tanehill is a quality QB. We have two underrated QBs. He's easily the best backup in the league. I think he's better than at least 8-10 current starters. However, both our QBs have proven to be injury-prone. I still think if Mariota can prove to be healthy this season and has a solid year we'll pay him. If it's injuries/inconsistency from the last couple seasons continue then Tannehill will probably be the starter. I personally don't fault Mariota too much for the inconsistencies because we've invested very little into the offense since he's been here and he's had little to work with. But that's how the organization views him. Hopefully Delanie can come back pretty healthy and we focus on the OL and receiver during the draft.
  6. The way Oman is talking, you would think the Eagles backup QB play was abysmal and the Titans backup QB play led them to their first ever super bowl. Oh wait.. it's the opposite.
  7. He's saying that based on accuracy numbers. The problem is that doesn't take into account Mariota's seemingly unwillingness to take as many chances. But considering the OL issues and the level of talent at receiver I would say it nets out. I don't think he's a star either but way better than the national media gives him credit for. I think you can say the same for Tannehill.
  8. Lol. The Jags are so dumb. Nick Foles isn't awful and I was rooting for him as an underdog but you have to realize the Eagles success has moreso to do with the system and surrounding talent than it does the QB.
  9. Mariota desperately needed a guy like this. If Delanie gets healthy again, I'm actually excited for our offense for once.
  10. Yes and Blake Bortles was a great QB in 2015 because he threw 35 TDs .
  11. No idea. I decided to stop paying attention to this forum until maybe the draft. Cause it's just gonna be the same posters saying the same thing over and over.
  12. I came on here again after like two weeks and you're still making the same argument almost word for word lol. I may disagree with you but I actually respect your persistence on this. I was way too tired to argue about this topic anymore and admitted defeat.
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