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Found 10 results

  1. Kinda surprising so far. Golden State is missing Durant, now Curry has some kind of bug. This will be a good series, just because the Warriors have been so dominant. After game one, GS was saying they lost because they don't play the Raptors that often and weren't familiar with their game. The problem with that excuse is it goes both ways, the Raptors don't play them often either. **I gotta think the Nashville Preds fans started a new fan experience. The Raptor fans are out front watching big screens and the place is electric.
  2. Mariota, Douglas, Cox and Schwenke are all out and it sounds like Sammie Lee Hill and Griffin will both play. The defense will have a hard time containing Freeman and Jones both with Cox out. I'm curious about what the Titans will do at RT, will Poutasi start again? Has Whiz said this week?
  3. http://www.cbssports.com/video/player/nfl/530086467782/0/week-3-nfl-preview-colts-at-titans If the Titans can get a big day from Casey I like the Titans chances. The Colts interior OL is a joke and the crowd noise could make Luck struggle again. I also expect a decent day from Mariota and the Titans passing game. The Colts defense is bad, no pass rush and a weak banged up secondary. The Titans can probably run the ball enough to help the OL out and keep Mariota in manageable down and distance situations. I'm calling it, Titans 27 Colts 17
  4. Let's get it started for this week. I really think we are going to see a couple "D'oh!" plays from Mariota this week. I just hope people don't overreact the other way this time. Of course, I think we'll get better quarterback play than the Browns so that will hopefully dampen some of it.
  5. Let's get the thing started. Titans have gotten a lot of help around the division so far in week one. Who wins? Who has more passing yards? Who has the higher QB rating?
  6. Get your predictions and observations in here. Prediction 27-17 Broncos.
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