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16 hours ago, Starkiller said:

What does any of that have to do with who the main characters are???

Mostly that you are assigning the definition of "main character" across multiple scenarios.  A book can have a "main character" just like a chapter can.  ...As can a series.  I don't understand why you are being so Stannis about this.


4 hours ago, Starkiller said:

Jon was the key to putting together the army of the living. He had to learn about the White Walkers. He had to bring wildlings through the Wall. He had to take back the North from the Boltons. And then he had to bring Dany’s forces to Winterfell. 


In the end, Jon was the one who led the fight. He didn’t do it all on his own but it doesn’t get done without him. 

In the books all of this can be resolved (is being resolved?) by others or is already done.

Wildlings are already through the Wall before Jon's assassination.

Stannis is marching vs the Boltons.  I think there was an early released chapter about this?  He also rounded up all of the Northern clans, liberated Deepwood Motte, and united them under the pretense of freeing Arya (fArya).  Don't forget Mance is still alive (questionable due to the Pink Letter).

Another person/plot device can inform Dany of the Others - especially depending on how the Stannis/Bolton battle ends and how Sansa leaves the Vale.


Jon was important to the show's plot, yes, but the books have already moved many major pieces w/o him.  



2 hours ago, Jonboy said:

So let's try and figure out how this next episode is gonna play out. It's another 80 minute one.


Looking at the characters we have left and knowing what all they have to resolve in one episode, we could be done with Sam, Gilly, Gendry, Yara, Bronn, Tormund, and Pod unless they show up in an epilogue of sorts. 


So that really leaves our major players of Dany, Jon, Tyrion, Sansa, Arya, Bran, plus Grey Worm, Davos, and Brienne as the supporting characters. 


The trailer shows Dany walking through her army toward the destruction of King's Landing, as well as shots of Tyrion, Jon, and Davos taking in the destruction. So it seems like we'll be picking up immediately after the battle. 


Dany's reaction here will be interesting. Does she fully embrace what she's done? Or is there remorse and shock? Either way, I just don't see how Tyrion makes it out of this unless she decides to keep him because he's the only adviser she has left. It would be weird to have Tyrion executed right away but it is the final episode, after all. I'm not convinced Davos is safe either because he supplied the boat for Jaime's escape. Even thought it ended up with Jaime dead, I think Dany will only care that they went behind her back.


Maybe she executes Tyrion or Davos (or both?) straight away? Jon and Arya will probably meet up and form some type of plan to try and kill Dany. The part I just can't figure out is how this is going to happen with Drogon, the Dothraki, and Unsullied. I think both Jon and Arya can get close enough to her for the kill, but what then? Is it a suicide mission? Even if they succeed, how will the people take the Throne back from freakin' Drogon and Dany's army? This has to be where Sansa comes into the picture. She already had a last second save once with Jon by getting the Knights of the Vale for the Battle of the Bastards. I think she could rally all the other armies to back Jon and his claim. She probably anticipated Varys sending those letters. Still though, I have no idea what they're going to do about Drogon unless they pull off something weird with Jon being able to connect with him.

I agree that we won't see many people unless there is a LotR epilogue type sendoff.  I imagine Varys's letters will have some big united army facing off vs Dany.  But, in my opinion, that will be another unearned moment as Westeros has been w/o the Targs for a few decades and just experienced a series of massive wars with many historic houses (and all of their alliances, ties, etc) dead/broken.  No Tyrells.  No Lannisters.  No Freys.  Depleted North/Vale.  


I see it is easier for Davos to get away with it than be implemented since the boat wasn't used and the plan didn't work at all.  

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32 minutes ago, OILERMAN said:

Does Drogon have green eyes?

No.  They're red.



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1 hour ago, OILERMAN said:

Does Drogon have green eyes?

D&D didn't imply anything in particular about that quote.  My bet is that green used to equal Cersei but they retconned that by later emphasizing blue.  They probably have had many plot points changed over the past 3-4 years to fit their own take on the characters/story.  

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19 hours ago, CreepingDeath said:

So we can’t look at individual books with themes because it is a series?  So Feast doesn’t have a theme of religion because it is only a part of a larger story?  Jesus Christ, are you never wrong like Ben now?

Jesus. Was only the main for 33 years, most of that nobody even knows where he was. Now he is supposed to come back and be King.  2000 years later. 


the bible 

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Jon is going to have to earn enough trust from Dany to get close in order for him to be the one to do it.  Arya actually makes more sense.  I could see a scene where Dany is about to have Tyrion or Jon executed and then Arya (disguised as Greyworm) puts needle right through her neck.  


How they reconcile the aftermath is up for debate but it's possible that there are enough of Dany's army uncomfortable with the butcher of KL that they turn on their own.  

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1 hour ago, WG53 said:

So is the bible.

Hey, I ain't saying nuttin.  Just if millions believe the 2000 year old Jesus coming back to be king, why not Ned?  Ned, who started the whole book series by slicing off the head of an innocent man.  Hero Ned.

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