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The Game of Thrones

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Gonna be a good finish IMO. The two show runners aren't great when not having the actual book in front of them, and the show's dialogue has certainly suffered, but at worst it is still the most entertaining show of the last decade. Just hoping it doesn't delve too much into fan-service.



...unless it involves Tormund finally getting it on with Brienne of fuckin' Tarth

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8 hours ago, Jamalisms said:

That's gonna be a dream or a vision, btw.

Nah, it's like the Long Walk promo from before last season or the wall of faces with everyone's face on it for season 6. Just giving people a taste of the theme.

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3 hours ago, CreepingDeath said:

Read on the Ringer it was a totally promotional bit.  

Even more lame.



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On 1/8/2019 at 7:50 AM, Jamalisms said:

I'll buy the quality storytelling from those two when I see it. But production is always top notch and I'm excited for a conclusion.

StuGotz of the Lebatard show went to a Grateful Dead concert about a week ago. He and George R.R. Martin hit it off at a show last year and became buds. Anyway, he was backstage at the show with Martin and he stated that George told him everything that happens in the series finale and that it totally blew his mind. He, of course, couldn't tell anything (he's only a passive fan of the show anyway)---he only confirmed that the series finale is going to be fucking amazing.


I just finished the entire series over the past 2 months or so. I haven't read any of this thread outside of this page and the next, so i don't know if this is a common viewpoint or not, but the show is "pretty good." It's overrated in comparison to it's popularity, but it really is a lot of fun. Here's some random thoughts that are worth less than nothing:




-The storytelling is disappointing mainly because insanely powerful characters just sort of appear out of nowhere----example: you'd think that we'd have heard a little bit about the faceless god before his introduction.

-The entire beauty and allure of this show is it's unpredictability. The Red Wedding took the biggest storyline of the show at that moment and straight up deleted it within about 15 minutes. That shit was wild---but, these beautiful wild moments are plentiful and really keep me watching.

-I've watched every fucking episode and it's still difficult for me to keep up with the character names of the lesser characters (the fantasy-style names DO NOT help.) -The entire whitewalkers storyline is fucking lame, unneeded, and does a nice job of annoying me. I mean, the fighting and scheming for the throne is incredibly interesting and more than enough to keep the story going infinitely, why throw this zombie bullshit in the mix?

-In fact, take the entire Night's Watch storyline and throw it in a fucking volcano.

-I hope Samwell Tarley dies painfully (no real reason, he's a smart, nice guy, but I just hate his fucking face.)

-Bran Stark's storyline has become an eyeroller to me----although I understand that his transition to the three-eyed raven is just a storytelling device so that the writers can relay some backstory that otherwise could never be told to the audience.

-The CGI is fucking insane. I expected the interactions with the dragons to be like that weird dog thing in "The Neverending Story," but it's amazingly well done.

-I'm predicting that Tyrion (an excellent character) dies in some fucked up manner---he's the only character that has seemed untouchable, and you know how that goes on this show.

-I was sad when Ramsay Bolton died----I fucking loved that character.

-I hope that when it's all over, Bronn is king and that the Hound (or Arya Stark) is his hand----those dudes rule.

-I hope the Hound kills the Mountain.

-I hope that we get to see more of Missandei's tits.

-FUCK Littlefinger....Goddamn, he's an amazing actor, because I can't even see his face on another show or movie without wanting him to die....again.

-I hope that Tormund finally gets to fuck the giant lesbian knight of Tarth, although I have no wish to see it.

-I've hardly been more satisfied watching a death, than when I got to see that little cunt Joffrey's poisoning or when the crazy religious fucks in the Temple were incinerated.

-Oh, that reminds me that granny Tyrell went out like a fucking G.

-Jon Snow is lame and I was perfectly fine with his death. This satisfaction led to a legendary eyeroll when he was resurrected.

-I was pretty pissed that Khal Drogo died so early on. I would have liked to have seen a few more seasons of him fucking fools up.

-The Hodor storyline completion was cheesy as fuck.

-I'm ready to see a Sansa, Daenerys, and Margaery Tyrell hardcore 3-way. I'd be perfectly fine if this was the entirety of the series finale.


I'm sure that there's more, but I'm hungover, so.......


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