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Hubbard Out For the Season


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Only two more injuries and we will get to see Skronski put his tiny arms to the test 

Hopefully Radunz and Duncan are next up at T with Dillard being the swing backup. Would be nice to see what we really have in those two guys over a stretch. 

I wanna see Duncan play RT the rest of the way. Maybe he can be an answer there or at least be good enough to compete for the spot.

Just now, IsntLifeFunny said:

You have to try Duncan at LT if you refuse to try Sko. He'll be terrible, but Radunz was an absolute shitshow after the first drive. 

He got put on his ass on 2 or 3 plays. Outside of those he was OK. Not good enough, but we have seen worse over the last 2 years.

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26 minutes ago, Starkiller said:

Native American burial ground…

Actually the golf course next to it was the old, old city dump, the one before the one further NW in Bourdeaux that closed in the 80s. 

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2 hours ago, TitansFan23 said:

PSC Metals must have been dealing with some crazy shit over the years that seeped into the soil. 🤷‍♂️

I have heard that one of the reasons that property hasn't been converted is because not only was it "not for sale" but the reason is because all the leaching and clean up would take decades and testing could potentially lead to some undesirable results. Hard to believe they have that right beside a major water source. In Murfreesboro, the major water source is the Stones River. At the headwaters, there's a landfill. 


People are fucking stupid. 

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46 minutes ago, Starkiller said:

If it makes you feel any better about it, none of the OTs who got injured were good…

I remember just a few weeks ago, Russ was telling us that the OL under Tanny has been statistically similar his entire career... Even this year.

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