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Ryan Tannehill request release (fake news)


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That's exactly the point.  Pre-Elon, only one side of the political aisle had a voice...now both sides have a voice.  There are still problems with disinformation and bullshit, but at least it's on bo

It used to be fairly easy to tell if an account was parody because they had to have it in their description and check marks actually meant something.   Good example of how stupid Elon is and

If true... Tannehill refuses to mentor! Selfish!


j/k Tannystans. Kinda.


Titans may grant it but - and I don't know the rules here -  I'd investigate if tag/trade is worth it in the off season. Wish we could've traded him before the deadline or before the season - like all the ABTers were saying. We ALL knew he'd get hurt again. Some of us were just preemptive about dealing with the situation.


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It doesn't strike me as something RT would do. He's always been a team player except for the quote about not being his job to mentor Willis (which was taken out of context and a big deal made of it by the media). I doubt there is any credibility to the rumor.

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4 hours ago, BudsOilers said:

I will say if McAfee is going off that one tweet, ouch for ESPN journalism.....

Pat McAfee and journalism should never be used in the same sentence. Strictly schtick for clicks these days (and sadly probably makes more than he did punting doing it),

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15 minutes ago, oldschool said:

Haha local radio just referenced this story. Started talking about implications and that it was likely a back room deal with the Browns and Tannehill's agent. After 5 mins the producer told them it was fake report from a parody account. 

That's flat out embarrassing. Especially running with it before they verified it. Espn just blows.

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