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Ryan Tannehill request release (fake news)


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That's exactly the point.  Pre-Elon, only one side of the political aisle had a voice...now both sides have a voice.  There are still problems with disinformation and bullshit, but at least it's on bo

It used to be fairly easy to tell if an account was parody because they had to have it in their description and check marks actually meant something.   Good example of how stupid Elon is and

  • Jamalisms changed the title to Ryan Tannehill request release (source in question)
1 minute ago, Jamalisms said:

If it's not bullshit (I think it is, given no traction with local media or the usual suspects in national media):




How bad does he want out. Is it worth 10 mill to be realease lol.

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So you're telling me Ryan Tannehill after recovering from injury wants to get cut and likely go to an equally bad team and get hurt again? Him and Levis are buddies. He's probably thinking this is an opp to heal and setup a new contract new team next year...getting released would be dumb

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5 minutes ago, BudsOilers said:

I will say if McAfee is going off that one tweet, ouch for ESPN journalism.....


A bombastic podcast host for a sports network is reason enough to look for other sources. It's not really enough to go by on its own. Trusting that and an announcement this big when it hasn't been picked up elsewhere ... people deserve what they get.

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Seems pretty unlikely that RT would willingly forgo $10M+  in guaranteed salary unless he was real confident he’d land with a contender.   And since he’d be subject to waivers….he’d have no say over where he lands unless nobody claims him.  

Doesn’t really add up, IMO.  

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  • Jamalisms changed the title to Ryan Tannehill request release (fake news)

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