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Week 11 Around The NFL


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1 hour ago, OzTitan said:

Rice is the only one with a realistic chance to develop - Moore and Toney will be at the mercy of offseason moves unless they do something miraculous development in the remaining games this season.

Outside of Hill, KC has sucked at drafting WRs for a long time.  I don't think it's a sure thing that any of them develop.  Though in terms of talent, Rice can be a top-flight WR.  Let's hope he isn't.

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I think I'll pass on a New England doc. I got 20 years of it shoved down my throat. 

lol this is where Jets fans are right now    

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6 hours ago, Mythos27 said:

I don't think he's being crowned. He just looks like a much better option than what we decided to do. If he fails.at least he'll failed at a more valuable position and possibly be salvaged as a guard rather than the other way around.

Never will disagree with that

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7 minutes ago, Thrill said:

Lol not even a helmet to helmet hit and Kareem Jackson picks up a 4 game suspension. The Aaron Donald hit on Geno was way dirtier in my opinion and no punishments for the guy on the LA team. 





He lead with his helmet down and is a habitual offender. 

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24 minutes ago, titansfan said:


They won the SB immediately after trading Hill with less talent at WR than they have now

Juju gave them one guy who was dependable to be in the right place and catch the ball.  Now they don't have that.

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