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Maine Mass Killing Spree


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This is the part that drives me up a wall.   Republicans want to deflect attention away from the ridiculously lax gun laws and blame it on mental health issues.....okay, fine.    

“We’ve tried nothing and we’re all out of ideas!”

Haha damn. This is exactly right. The fucks went so far as to block data so there couldn't be a congressional study and hearing done on the topic. 

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3 hours ago, begooode said:


I disagree.  The cost of innocent lives from the lethality unleashed into our society from high muzzle velocity, military grade weaponry is too high.  I fall on the side of the argument of protecting people over profits of gun manufacturers. A bunch of innocent dead people every 6 mo - 1 yr is a feature of your worldview, not a bug and should be protected!  That's pathetic.

You cant cherry pick the rule of law.   And if you change the rule of law, then other manufacturers will be open to lawsuits, like automakers.

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15 minutes ago, Little Earl said:

You mean other than there were even less killings before the ban was put in place in 1994.


I know you can't read, but I figured you knew how to look at size, shapes, and colors. 


Your God had to say, "forgive them for they know not what they do" specifically for genetic abominations like you. Your ass would've been in the crowd cheering for his death. 



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A 40-year-old firearms instructor who had been named a suspect in Wednesday’s mass shooting at two businesses in Lewiston, Maine, was found dead Friday, four senior law enforcement officials told NBC News.


The suspect's body was found in a wooded area between Lewiston and Bowdoin, about 15 miles away, the officials said.

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An Associated Press article looks at how mass-shooter Robert Card was allowed  to legally purchase and own firearms despite  numerous glaring red flags.

 Authorities received multiple reports about Card’s erratic demeanor and behavior, including at least one who voiced concerns about the possibility of Card eventually becoming a mass shooter.  

Law enforcement was very much aware of these concerns and Card was very much on their radar….but their hands were tied by law;   there was nothing they could do.


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