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How bad is the pass blocking... really?

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I know this may fall on many deaf ears here but I'm really up for a discussion where more data is added in regards to the pass blocking and how it affects the QB during RTs time here. Whether it has declined or is stable. We've all been in consensus that the pass blocking sucks donky balls for several years now. It's a "known" right?  I'm starting to feel like the Oline failures since 2020 are overstated some. If we are scoring points like 2019/20... is there as many Oline complaints? I'm not sure...  I’m not saying it's been good.. just consistent in its below average play year-to-year. That it may be used as the whipping boy because we aren't scoring and it's the easiest excuse.


...add points or argue.





*sack % added by me at the end there.


Pressure % has essentially been the same across the entire time RT has been here....

The PktTime (Time till throw) has also been ... essentially the same.

Sack% - while shit - has only been low one year (2020) and 2021-23 is pretty close to 2019. 


You can dive deeper and tab through the different stats to gather your own conclusions - you can see RPO and PA % as well (accuracy is damning but a different discussion).  What they don't account for is if in 19/20 he's getting pressured by 1 guy, but now it's 3 - though in that instance you would expect overall pressures to rise.


The protection problems getting blamed on the Oline may be a bit of a mirage. Most if any perceived decline could be related to the decline of the QB's escape ability. The failure of the pass game largely gets thrown back - possibly unfairly - to the Oline.

But we know there are many reasons for the pass game decline, losing WR talent, losing our OC who knew how to utilize all players best ...along with more sporadic QB accuracy and less escape ability.


I think there's reasons to be positive for a switch. A QB that can move and run more PA rollouts, has the athletic ability to escape pressure and can bring energy and a direction for the future could energize the O. Could be awful! But really really cant get much worse production.


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6 hours ago, IrishTitansFan said:

They're bad and require help at the tackle positions, but it's not as bad as it has been


There are tons of stats that back it up too. They're having a really tough time marrying OL blocking, QB play and receivers uncovering quick enough


Last year it was fair to say it's all on the OL, this year not so much, more nuance





adding this for more clarity and stats on the matter

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4 hours ago, Mythos27 said:

Forget the stats. Just watch the tape and see how quickly guys get beat. Watch how pathetic they are dealing with stunts and games up front. I watch a lot of NFL football. It doesn't look like we do ok there OL. If anything the metrics don't capture just how bad we are up front. 

Not sure I buy PFR's pressure stat either.  Much different than PFF or ESPN's block win rate but @Mythos27 is dead on.  Pressure stats on it's own don't capture immediate pressure - things we see routinely in obvious passing situations.

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If you subscribe to PFF grades which I don't.... I don't need PFF to tell me Brewer has been horrible in pass protection. LT and C are killing this OL right now.



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Aaron Brewer shouldn't play anymore, but he'll be on the field for every snap for the rest of the year and probably next.

Vrabel either has a touch of CTE or a severe learning disability when it comes to identifying weak links. Caveman Coaching for Dummies, Step 1: Remove bad player from game

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2 hours ago, BudsOilers said:

Not sure I buy PFR's pressure stat either.  Much different than PFF or ESPN's block win rate but @Mythos27 is dead on.  Pressure stats on it's own don't capture immediate pressure - things we see routinely in obvious passing situations.

I saw this stat, the Titans are indeed up near the worst in the league at allowing quick pressures


But Tannehills numbers under pressure are awful this year, those factors along with receivers taking a while to come uncovered gives you the product they have this year

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The averages may play out to look like the line is fine, but when the key players get beat, they get beat badly and it results in a consistent negative play at a much higher rate than the averages would communicate. For example, The line could be great on 1st/2nd down and atrocious on 3rd down (killing the drive) and the average might paint a picture that you're doing fine despite the negative play really impacting your offense. 



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Adding this for more clarity.


12 hours ago, IrishTitansFan said:

4 pressures on 22 dropbacks isn't bad at all


For reference, Tannehill has been pressured on 23% of his dropbacks, 12th highest in the NFL, He's been hit at the 9th highest rate, his pocket time is top 5 in the NFL


The idea that Tannehill is getting beaten to a pulp compared to other QBs is not based in reality. They're protecting the tackles a ton, they know they have to keep the QB healthy


The Browns game was bad but he's not been beat up, they just struggle on offense because of a lack of speed and the combination of that with having to use extra blockers

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For clarity on the thread... it wasn't posted to say the OLine pass blocking is "fine" - just that several stats are showing it's basically the same since 2019 for pressures... and that the QB is releasing the ball almost exactly the same as far as time to throw.




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