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Hamas Brutally Massacres Scores of Civilians: Humanitarian Ceasefire Deal Reached


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  • tgo changed the title to Hamas Invades Israel; Massacres Scores of Civilians - War Declared
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There's simply no defense for what has taken place. This wasn't a military encounter; this was terrorism plain and simple. There's a huge difference. It's unjustifiable and has setback peace for decad

Holy shit you are an NPC. Women and children taken hostage, hundreds of innocents gunned down, Holocaust survivors being paraded through the streets...   and you are foaming at the mouth ove

Hell yeah! John Calvin & friends never burned "heretics" at the stake. Protestants never burned "witches". All the bad stuff was the Catholics fault! That's the ticket! 

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5 hours ago, tgo said:

Most likely after this there won’t be any Palestine left to free. 

Btw - I personally favor a two state solution as the only practical peaceful solution - but I doubt that will ever happen. 

Agreed, I would love them to find a peaceful solution.


Unfortunately, the Palestinians land (much like Ukraine) has been invaded by Apartheid invaders who look to destroy their entire way of life. As Martin Luther King said: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent retribution inevitable”

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23 minutes ago, IrishTitansFan said:

Biden, as Obama was, is on the wrong side of history. You either think a country invading a sovereign nation is wrong or you dont

The claim of Palestinians over the territory is pretty historically dubious as it has been in conflict for thousands of years. 

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  • tgo changed the title to Hamas Brutally Massacres Scores of Civilians: Humanitarian Ceasefire Deal Reached

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