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Oilerdummy and your legion of dummies


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This is eerily reminiscent of the dinner table conversation my in-laws have with my wife at every family gathering.  

The thing about him is he's intentionally dumb.  He just thrives attention.  He wants from us what he can't get in real life.  He doesn't give a shit about talking football.  He comes here for the thr

Listen people, this thread is about the legion of dummies who appreciate Tannehill and I resent having attention taken away from myself.

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  • Jamalisms changed the title to Oilerdummy and your legion of dummies
2 hours ago, OILERMAN said:

The banning of 2tone killed this thread but I didn't want to lose it after Jamal merged them


It's too insightful to be lost

What did the idiot finally do to get banned?


edit: NVM, saw that he went racist. 

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On 9/18/2023 at 3:02 PM, Mythos27 said:

Don't go down this route. Stand on what you said. This was in the middle of a conversation about whether the new system was too complicated for Tannehill, who could only handle half field reads. Nothing about your comment was joking. It's always "a joke" when people have to eat their words. If you're gonna have got takes, have the conviction to stand by them when they turn cold.

Good luck finding them that will do that.

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