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Chargers at Titans Game Thread


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35 minutes ago, oldschool said:


Did they stop releasing initial scores Sunday afternoon? They did this for years based on the broadcast feeds.

That does seem a bit ridiculous. I wouldn't trust any grade based on purely a broadcast view of the game. At best you get a general idea of how a guy played. 

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Continues to be the most pleasant surprise through two weeks.    

I'll say it. Relegate Henry to short yardage and goal line. The offense is better with Spears.

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On 9/18/2023 at 1:38 AM, big2033 said:


No, I'm claiming the run is required for Tannehill to be effective - whoever that may be.


Hence 34 carries to 24 passes in a game that went to OT. It settles the offense, lowers the pass attempts, and ultimately helps open up big plays. 


We literally flipped the script from last week. 


I literally said on Twitter Tannehill would have a bounce back game if we ran it 35 times ... and he'll prob go 18/20 or something and everyone will freak out.


We're effective within a certain framework and that framework will ultimately lead to mediocrity.  We're never going to be more than this and when we try to be ... its uglier.


That's all I'm saying.


Still laughing @rns90? It's a pattern. An obvious one for years.

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