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6 hours ago, OILERMAN said:

Anyone that thinks Watson is better than Tanny



If you’re gonna say be patient with Tannehill after week 1, you need to be consistent with this. 

I guarantee, in a vacuum and without rape allegations, every GM in the league would take Watson over Tannehill, despite his Rocky play.

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Tajea Spears thinks Chubb is a pussy for refusing to play without knee ligaments. 

Vrabel would give him 20 more carries

I fear Jim Schwartz 1000000X more than DeShaun Watson.

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4 hours ago, OILERMAN said:


ABTers wanted both

Possibly, but I don’t recall me, or Tgo, or big, or anyone else advocating for those price tags. 

edit: the conflation of stupid posters asking to trade for super stars with posters who wanted to find a long term replacement for Tannehill is a nice slight of hand. 

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Three possibilities: either Watson has a lot of rust, or has not figured out the offense, or is showing decline from age or injuries.. whatever the reason, let's hope he waits another week to figure it out.

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Watson was always somewhat overrated - he Bortles up some stats on that 4 win Texan team and he's always had bouts of inaccurate passing.


That said, the year and a half layoff clearly sapped some athleticism and ability from him.  I'd imagine the pressure of the off the field stuff and massive contract doesn't help either.

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A series of bettors in a Discord channel caught wind of a crazy house-made special parlay that FanDuel put together, with the winning bet to have every team make a field goal in the 1 p.m., 4 p.m., and 4:25 p.m. ET. windows.

The results were gigantic, as Sunday showcased tons of scoring from all teams, and bettors rejoiced over what was likely one of the biggest wins in sports betting history.

One bettor in particular, known simply as “JD” @JDGoldBoys on X, formerly known as Twitter, pointed it out on the platform, writing that it was “worth a dollar.”


Every NFL team made at least 1 FG during the afternoon slates of Week 2…

Finance team just called: we're paying out more than $20 MILLION to FanDuel customers who locked in this bet! 😳 pic.twitter.com/ZBOMGe8bYq

— FanDuel Sportsbook (@FDSportsbook) September 18, 2023

It seems many dollars were made by bettors, as tickets flooded in and bets were won after the Broncos-Commanders game was ended.

The bettor who pointed it out, JD, looks to have made $318,300 on the parlay by himself — a drop in the bucket compared to the $20 million that FanDuel lost on this one.

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