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NFL Week 2 Titans vs Chargers Discussion


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Guess its that time of the week to turn the page on the frustrating Saints loss and look forward towards the Chargers game.


Doesn't take a genius to work out we need a much better performance from Tannehill to kickstart the season and be a realistic chance of being competitive against a talented Chargers team.


Curious to see if Vrabel after a turnover filled loss continues full steam ahead with this offensive evolution or reigns in things a little and brings back more Henry and play action stuff.


All eyes tomorrow will be on the health updates for Hooker and Fulton.


On a positive note even with how disruptive this DL was against the Saints there is still more upside left in this group as Landry was basically just a spectator in his first significant action since his ACL injury.



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The reality is that if Tannehill plays like he did vs NO, he'll end up getting benched.  If he plays like he normally does, he'll be fine.

If Radunz could actually unseat Dillard, we might have something

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16 minutes ago, Justafan said:

Tough matchup this week.  Tannehill has to be good for them to have a chance.  


Top to bottom roster rise I see the Chargers as a more talented opponent than the Saints, obviously not having to deal with the NO dome noise should be a benefit for the Titans offense this week.


Also not convinced the Titans OL will manage to keep Bosa/Mack from hitting Tannehill like the Dolphins were able to do last week with Tua.




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As @Mythos27pointed out in another thread, the Titans can't tip their hand based upon the personnel package. I would assume more play action and Henry getting more touches. 

It would be hard for Tannehill to stink it up as bad as against the Saints so i would assume he will be better. 


I am still hoping that after the first few series they see whats working best on offense and keep the play mix skewed to whats working. Not forcing the run or pass.

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Expect Fulton and Avery to play against the Chargers. Hooker not so much. Had a concussion last year, and Vrabel is very catious with concussions. Fulton really changed his offseason training and he worked hard not to be a repeated offender. Week 1, hamstring tightness. Maybe it's a mental problem or his body isn't bulid for playing football. Let him go after this season and draft CB in the first round

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