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Pick'em '23 Season (with the Spread)

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I'm in good luck to all you losers

Long time lurker in

You don't need the app. I did it on their website from my phone no problems. 

6 hours ago, CreepingDeath said:

Only two went against the good guys.  I knew better, but that's my thing.  

Three earned points with the Cards:  Papi, @Number9 (are you Nueve?),

tengo nueve.

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I'm tied for 10th... but ranked 12th.

Top 10:


Rank  Pick Set Name  Total  Dropped  W-L

1  Starkiller  98  5  98-66

2  Nueve  95  6  95-68

3  Papi Bingo  93  3  93-71

4  Come on Titans  92  3  92-72

5  scine09’s Picks  92  0  92-70

6  Pickers  91  0  91-71

7  SleepingTitan  90  4  90-74

8  9 |\|!|\|[-$  90  3  90-74

9  Heyitsmeallen  88  5  88-75

10  New Age Outlaws  88  4  88-75

@Starkiller is starting to build a lead at the top.  He and Pickers won the week with 12 right.

Only @CaliTitan3518 got GB right on Turkey day.  

@freakingeek and @scine09 went the wrong way with the Hawks.  

Scine, @Blackjack, and @bizzyeddie went with the bad guys and lost.  Suckas.




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