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Pick'em '23 Season (with the Spread)

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Season kicks off on Thursday.  I set it to renew just now, so if you were in it last year, you should receive an email.  

All are welcome, even the plethora of "experts" on the site to test their might.  Here is the info needed to join:



Group ID#:  35907

Group Password  twix

Confidence Points  No

Spread  Yes

Tiebreakers  Yes

Start Week  1

Drop Scores  Drop 1 score

Deadline  5 minutes before each game

Playoffs  Yes



We drop one week, so this helps people who join late, have a shitty week, or forget to make/submit the picks.  


To keep this visible for the first two weeks (again, we drop a week), post when you join.  Feel free to tag your favorite TR member to get the "friendly" smack talk going.  And bring your ju-ju.  Some of you should always pick against the Titans while some of us can never do so.  

If you use a different screen name in the Pick'em league, let me know so I can tag you correctly with my weekly updates.  

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I'm in good luck to all you losers

Long time lurker in

You don't need the app. I did it on their website from my phone no problems. 

On 9/7/2023 at 7:40 PM, 9 Nines said:

I cannot join. I receive the error, "You are already in this group. (Error #127)"

I get that too. The whole Yahoo/AT&T/Google merger thing is fucked up. It makes it ridiculously complicated. Sometimes it takes me two or three times to sign even with stored PWs. 

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