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Trump (and others) indicted in GA


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21 minutes ago, ChemEngr79 said:



That isn't exactly subtle and is very possibly sufficient to get his bail revoked if he tries this on the J6 case...


This by itself might be enough if they push hard enough. The terms of his release were that he doesn't commit anymore crimes. it doesn't necessarily mean just in the J6 case.


I don't know if they will or not though.

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Dershowitz is trying to spin it as a bullshit First Amendment issue.   I'd be very interested to hear Dershowitz' argument that explains how organizing and implementing a plan that includes

LongTimeFan when you ask him to explain something political:  

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Former President Trump Monday lashed out at ex-Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan as an Atlanta grand jury is already hearing evidence in the Peach state election interference case.


Trump warned Duncan to defy a legal subpoena for his testimony in the case that stems from the ex-president’s push to overturn President Biden’s narrow win in the key battleground state.


“I am reading reports that failed former Lt. Governor of Georgia, Jeff Duncan, will be testifying before the Fulton County Grand Jury. He shouldn’t,” Trump wrote on his social media site.


Trump derided Duncan, a longtime critic, as “a nasty disaster” for opposing his broader alleged scheme to overturn the election and stay in power.




Trump is currently witness tampering in real time in the Georgia case.


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MSNBC legal analyst Andrew Weissmann was incredulous when discussing Donald Trump‘s Truth Social post urging that a key witness “shouldn’t” testify before a Georgia Grand jury, exclaiming, “You can’t tell a witness not to comply with a grand jury subpoena unless there is some legal ability to do that!”


“Now we have seen the former president get bail in Manhattan, in Florida, and in D.C,” Weissmann said about the former president’s previous indictments. “We have also seen the former president continue to make statements that, at least arguably, are obstruction of justice or intimidating witnesses. Why is that important?


“Because in Georgia, the statute that may apply here depending on what is charged, is one where the presumption is one that the defendant has the burden of rebutting. And in other words it is on the the defendant to show that he will not commit crimes, that he is not at risk of flight, and let me give you the exact words because this is the provision that the court has to find to release someone on bail in Georgia.”


Weissmann continued:


Which is that the ‘defendant poses no risk of intimidating witnesses, or otherwise obstructing the administration of justice.’ That poses no risk of intimidating witnesses. To me, that is going to be for a judge, who is going to treat Donald Trump or anyone else like any other defendant, that could be a problem.


Because just today we saw a continuation of attacks on the D.C. federal judge, and even Truth Social, saying that Geoff Duncan, the former lieutenant governor, should not comply with the grand jury subpoena in Georgia.


You can’t tell a witness not to comply with a grand jury subpoena unless there is some legal ability to do that! But that’s not what the former president did. So, it will be interesting to see how the judge deals with bail as we go forward.



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Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney is in court this week to preside over both Willis’ grand jury proceedings and other routine court matters. Monday morning, he instructed reporters and curious members of the public who were present in his courtroom about what to expect.


“If a grand jury presents an indictment, that’s usually in the afternoon, and you can film and photograph that,” said McBurney.


The grand jury meets only on Mondays and Tuesdays, increasing the anticipation this week. 

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11 minutes ago, tgo said:


Good to hear a Republican say it so outright and blatant. It's why I refuse to have any respect for any of the Republican primary candidates. I wouldnt vote for them, but I'd at least have respect if any of them just came out and said it: Trump is a complete disaster for our country and for the Republicans.

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