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Consequential SCOTUS Term


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2 hours ago, pat said:

It’s confirmed that there is no substance to the wedding designer case.  In the absence of any facts of a person actually forced to work against their principles, it’s a case of legislating via the judiciary.



It sounds like all parties are in agreement that the initial lawsuit in Colorado was entirely based on a foundation of completely false information.   Presumably it was some sort of joke or prank, 

Here’s what I don’t understand:  how in the HELL does a farcical lawsuit with  literally no foundation whatsoever manage to work its up through the judicial system to the point where SCOTUS hears it and makes a ruling?  

How the hell was this case not dismissed by a lower court?   How did it even make it far enough to be  submitted for SCOTUS consideration?   


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26 minutes ago, Starkiller said:


The end result was obvious. What I want to see now is a business ban gay people (it's only a matter of time) and have a gay person cross state lines and bring this all the way back to the Hearts of Atlanta case whereby interstate commerce is not allowed to be encroached upon based on discrimination. It would be a very interesting case. 


@TitansPDO what do you think? 

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