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The nature of politics is such that there’s rarely a negotiation or compromise where both parties end up happy;   in most cases, both parties come away unhappy and disappointed with the concessions they made.  

When both parties are equally unhappy with the outcome….that’s politics.  

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1 hour ago, ctm said:

He would be their bitch for the rest of his term because they could dump him at any time.


Maybe. We'll see.

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4 hours ago, tgo said:


Good article.     Here's another excerpt.....this actually ties into our ongoing discussions around here about how Democrats tend to be terrible at messaging. 


This is not a president who does—who can do—powerful messaging.

Joe Biden’s strengths and weaknesses are those of a workhorse senator. He can deal. He can keep lines of communication open to his fellow pols. He can’t use the powers of speech to reframe a debate or lift it to a higher level where his position becomes the obvious solution.

Had he been so able, he might have gone on television to tell the nation why the very existence of the debt ceiling was an affront to both the Constitution and the nation’s standing. He would have laid out the reasons why he was inviting the Court to rule on it.

But in his 50 years in the public eye, Biden has never delivered a speech with the power to alter the public’s understanding of a major issue. That wasn’t really a problem when he was a senator or even a vice president. It is, however, a genuinely limiting factor on his de facto powers as president.


Speeches matter.




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Biden negotiated the 2011 deal for Obama.  The problem with that deal was that the US was coming out of a recession and the spending cuts were deeper.  So the macro economic effect was to slow economic growth when the economy needed the opposite.


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