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Titans 2023 Draft Class

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2 hours ago, IsntLifeFunny said:

Henry is going to get his yards on screens and such, so unless we start going a ton of two RBs (we should) then I doubt it...but with the players we have that would be optimal for sure. 


If Phillips isn't 2nd in yards our offense is likely going to be terrible unless what you said comes to fruition. The offense needs to run off simple routes that provide some deep counters to someone, anyone, who can provide a deep threat. 

With the change to an E-P offense, they may indeed go to much more 2 back sets.  

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You may want to see his write -up on Malik Willis last year before you get too excited.

If he's good, you extend him and who cares about the fifth year option.  

Posted Images


Chigoziem Okonkwo

APY: $1.04 million (rookie contract; 81st among tight ends).


Last season, Okonkwo recorded 2.9 receiving yards per route, the most by a rookie in the NGS era (minimum of 30 targets). He also netted 79 receiving yards over expected when facing zone coverage (second among rookies last season). Computer vision shows that his ability to square his body to the pass (which correlates with increased odds of making a successful catch) when facing zone ranked third among all tight ends last season. With a healthy Derrick Henry this season, the Titans should be able to make even better use of Okonkwo's skills.

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Search Labs does not like the Titans draft:

The Tennessee Titans' 2023 NFL draft class received an overall grade of C. The Titans selected six players in the draft, including offensive tackle Peter Skoronski in the first round. The Titans hope that quarterback Will Levis, who they drafted in hopes of replacing Ryan Tannehill, can step in after the upcoming season.

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6 minutes ago, FireInTheHole said:

Seems like a nothingberger. 

He had 66 picks to think about what to say to the next guy they drafted, and the best he could think of is "you don't sound excited".  

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11 minutes ago, japan said:

Vrabel is a players coach, so I have no concerns.  Sounded like Whyle needed an attitude adjustment!

I took it as a sarcastic/joking vibe with Whyle. Vrabel is 100% a players coach. You can hate his scheme and his offensive approach, but one of his big strengths is it seems players love playing for him. 

This why it’s a nothingberger for me. 

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