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Stillman says Byard has requested his release from the Titans

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4 hours ago, Titans279 said:


Seems like more semantics to say messes needing to be cleaned up, including the entire OL, is not some level of "rebuild"


Not to mention many of those guys needed gone more because of health and salary than because they're worse than their replacements on the team. In fact, they're many of the better players we had. Just overpaid and often unavailable.

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If "impending retirement" is a dumbass way to say he's getting older, I'm banning the next douche who posts one of that guy's tweets.

Titans fans in 2022: "This roster is old, over-paid, and way too injury prone. We have to tear it down completely"!   *Ran cuts most of the old, over-paid, or injury prone players*  

I'm mad as fuck. I want Carthon gone 

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3 hours ago, Titans279 said:

I asked Bing if the Titans should cut Kevin Byard


That’s a tough question. According to some reports, the Titans have approached Kevin Byard about taking a pay cut, but he has declined, believing he doesn’t deserve one. The Titans are now at a crossroads with their All-Pro safety. Some options they have are to keep him at his current salary, restructure his contract, trade him or release him. However, releasing him would not make much financial sense for the Titans, as they would only save $5.9 million in salary cap space while eating $13.6 million in dead cap. They could save more by cutting him with a post-June 1 designation, but that would also delay their ability to sign free agents. Byard is still one of the best safeties in the league and a leader on the team, so it would be a big loss for the Titans if they let him go.


In this context, a human might say that it depends on how much the Titans value Byard’s production and presence on their defense, and how willing they are to take on some financial risk or sacrifice some future flexibility. Some people may think that Byard is worth keeping at his current salary or even restructuring his contract to lower his cap hit in 2023. Others may think that Byard is too expensive for his age and performance, and that the Titans should trade him while he still has high value or cut him after June 1 to save more money.


Not bad.

We are completely fucked lol. 

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33 minutes ago, Jamalisms said:


But not passing well is everyone's fault but the QB.

No one has ever said anything resembling this except maybe Joel. What has been noted is that by every metric the Titans had a bottom 3 line in 2021 and the absolute worst last year. This is backed up by the eye test and stats for sacks and pressures given up. It is countered by metrics like sack percentage responsible for by QB (Tannehill was near the top) as well as average release time. 


Add to it no one was healthy and those that were were either rookies or scrubs or a 240 LB RB and voila. It isn't complicated. No QBs in the NFL play well with this offense last year. It doesn't mean they couldn't have done better than Tannehill, but it was a complete shitshow. 

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32 minutes ago, TheBukafax said:

KickCuckTitans is the worst 

He spends too much time on Twitter. If he posted here he'd be a lot more tolerable. I liked him at first so it sucks to see him end up like this. Twitter is the root of all evil.

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17 minutes ago, Mythos27 said:

He spends too much time on Twitter. If he posted here he'd be a lot more tolerable. I liked him at first so it sucks to see him end up like this. Twitter is the root of all evil.

No it isn’t 

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Just now, rns90 said:

It doesn't have to be Tannehill.  Just substitute his name with any other good qb.  This is basic football that some of these fools don't understand.  Supporting cast matters.

It's especially hilarious how bad Brady was his final year in NE (88 QB rating) only to go on and win a championship the next year in Tampa (102.2 rating). It's almost as if the line and weapons and play calling matter. 

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Speaking of play calling, does anyone remember how bad Brady looked the first half of 19? They weren't a good team and Brady was terrible at times. The defense kept them in it the first 10 games. He argued with the Arians on the sidelines several times. 


It wasn't until the stretch run that they hammered out the differences and went into the playoffs with a healthy roster loaded to the gills with WRs, OL, and a great front 7. 


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