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Stillman says Byard has requested his release from the Titans

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If "impending retirement" is a dumbass way to say he's getting older, I'm banning the next douche who posts one of that guy's tweets.

Titans fans in 2022: "This roster is old, over-paid, and way too injury prone. We have to tear it down completely"!   *Ran cuts most of the old, over-paid, or injury prone players*  

I'm mad as fuck. I want Carthon gone 

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May still work itself out. Hope it does. I think Vrabel values KB and KB obviously would love to finish his career in two toned blue. 


Titans obviously requested a pay cut and I would imagine KB came back with, give me an extension to reduce my cap hit. 


Where this will shake out remains to be seen.

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1 minute ago, BudsOilers said:

If Tannehill was a goner, he'd already be gone.  The other 2 are guys making top dollar at positions the NFL doesn't value.  Byard can still play but no way should the Titans extend him unless it's with a massive pay cut....whereas Byard likely wants a new market deal.

Don't they save $10M* post June 1? I'm sure they've not made the designation because there MIGHT be some trade value. 


Edit: (EXTRA 10M)

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