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1 hour ago, titansfan said:


So the thing about this is Georgia has produced a TON of high level NFL talent in the past few years. When I see people making sweeping statements about a program in this regard, they are really only talking about 3 or 4 player maybe but its out of a pool of legitimately 40 players. That's why NFL teams laugh at the idea if they are worried about drafting UGA players. They produce too much NFL talent that give no issues

Probably just a recency bias on my part and the fact that they have so many NFL draftees exposes them to more chances of character issues. 

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Big contingent from Titans at Ohio State Pro Day. No doubt to see PJJ and maybe JSN. 

Additionally, you have Jones, Wyler, and Stroud there. 

This is part of the reason I doubt they have interest in Jones and/or Skoronski at 11. They didn’t show up with this same crew to NW or UGA pro days.

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Just now, titanskick8851 said:


Big contingent from Titans at Ohio State Pro Day. 


Vrabel goes every year so that is no surprise it is noteworthy that this is Carthon's first in person pro day since becoming Titans GM.


No doubt Paris Johnson Jr would be at the very pointy end of the Titans draft board and if some weird stuff happens in the top 10 and he makes it to #11 there is a very good chance he would be the pick.

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