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2023 WR draft analysis


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33 minutes ago, titanskick8851 said:

Absolutely, but if you have a top ranked one you shouldn’t wait until then with the depth chart looking how it currently is.

Depth chart is bare at TE as well.  Just depends on who they like best

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It's weird watching all the people who said Phillips was just too small last year and blame his size for his injuries suddenly be OK with taking even smaller guys much earlier in the draft.

If Carthon is desperate to trade for a WR he should be looking at the Broncos guys Jerry Jeudy and Courtland Sutton, both are in the "younger" age profile the Titans have been looking for this offseas

Yeah, I'm at the point if they spend 11 on a WR, it reeks of Corey Davis part II.  LT are more important (and seeing as there is a big question mark still there) and really the wiser pick.

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1 hour ago, titanskick8851 said:

Posted this in the draft forum but definitely part of the discussion.


Just thinking about where the WR group is right now. Regardless of whatever veteran WR they could sign (not including a trade), WR almost assuredly needs to be the pick in the 2nd round as of now. 

Obviously, they could trade down and acquire more picks, but as we stand today, they cannot afford to wait to the 3rd round to address the position, or risk the same thing happening they year they panic traded up to take Dez Fitzpatrick.


It is almost relatively easy to see who they might target basing it off of Carthon/SF WR traits, as well as what the team has preferred at the position. They need to be 6’0+, 195 lbs+ and run a 4.55 or better in the 40 (be within close range of those).


Thst essentially leaves us with:

Quentin Johnson - TCU
Jonathan Mingo - Ole Miss

Cedric Tillman - Tennessee

A.T. Perry - Wake Forest

Rashee Rice - SMU
C.J. Johnson - East Carolina 

Elijah Higgins - Stanford 

Michael Wilson - Stanford

Matt Landers - Arkansas

Andrei Iosivas - Princeton

Bryce Ford-Wheaton - West Virginia


A couple more barely miss it. But if you are trying to find a Titans WR, I believe it will be at least one (if not two) from the list above.

I actually really like that list.  I think if you draft two of those guys, it will be a good investment.  Give me Tillman, Rice, Mingo or Wheaton please.  All big WRs who are elite athletes.  

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Man the more I get familiar with some of these wr, I am really liking Tank Dell.  Dude is just so explosive, even if he doesn't fit the SF size profile.  No clue where he is expected to go in the draft, but wouldn't be at all upset if Tennessee came away with him.

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6 hours ago, TerryBoats said:

For the most part, it's wise to stay the hell away from Big 12 WRs 



It's silly how much better the SEC receivers turned out compared to everyone else. Big 10 seems like the only other one even worth drafting from.

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26 minutes ago, Mythos27 said:

It's silly how much better the SEC receivers turned out compared to everyone else. Big 10 seems like the only other one even worth drafting from.

More importantly we were all wrong we didn't overdraft Corey Davis 😏

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RC will have a lot of choices for the WR spot and he has to get it right with a guy who can contribute in 2023.  If Burks misses time and his pick struggles to adapt to the NFL this year, that is a huge problem.

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JSN seems to be a guy who can come in and be a number one receiver day one but maybe never be a Justin Jefferson type. Johnston seems like to have a higher boom/bust potential coming from the big 12 and a more gimmicky offense but way more athletically gifted.

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