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Playoffs Wild Card Round Discussion

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The play was stupid anyway, you're in the pistol handing the ball off that deep?    Just fucking QB sneak it and have the RB push the QB forward

I think he beat cancer.  You couldn't beat the Bengals.

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1 hour ago, rns90 said:

The real question is whether or not the DAL/TB winner can provide enough of a roadblock to stop the inevitable SF/PHI NFC Championship game.  It's a lot more open in the AFC.

Dallas's pass rush is a lot better than Seattle's; and Purdy wasn't great when pressured; plus Dallas can score. Having said that, will be a really heavy lift to go into that stadium and beat them. Homefield with an inexperienced QB is huge.

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Just now, IsntLifeFunny said:

I wanted to make the playoffs, but if the Jags get curb stomped then pick 11 is an excellent consolation prize. 


Obviously it's early but I was stunned the NBC crew was so bulish on the Jags. The Chargers have been surging since getting healthy aside from last week's debacle. They are heavy favorites tonight imo.

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Just now, oldschool said:


With his height it shouldn't be. Somethings that's easily correctable.


He's not just getting tripped passes. They're literally bouncing off defenders' shoulder pads. 

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