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Playoffs Wild Card Round Discussion

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1 minute ago, cenj said:

Oh no, I think we are in agreement. I don't think Purdy is the next Tom Brady -- I imagine they could have inserted 50 other QBs and still would have won today.


I think QBs matter and exceptional ones are the easiest way to compete regularly. But my stance has always been that the system and situation has a ton to do with whether or not a QB makes it. And likewise, bad situations can make good QBs look rough.


I don't know. I think guys either have it or don't. Good coaches simply accentuate with the ones that have it do well. What I have come ti relaise the past few years is the idea of the QB that magically elevates poor talent is a false one. They don't exist.

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The play was stupid anyway, you're in the pistol handing the ball off that deep?    Just fucking QB sneak it and have the RB push the QB forward

I think he beat cancer.  You couldn't beat the Bengals.

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Just now, Aramis said:

Are there any young, elite QBs in the NFC right now? It’s wild when you look at the AFC: Mahomes, Allen, Burrow, Herbert with fringe guys like Jackson and Lawrence. It sucks we have to play in the AFC right now. 


Also we don't know how they will be as pros but two out of Young, Stroud, Levis are likely to be joining the AFC South this offseason.

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4 minutes ago, Mantronix said:

How is it illegal contact when a DB is established and the receiver runs into him?? These guys jocking the Jags hard. Doug Pederson is over thinking.


It's not. Dungy was wrong.

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